World Market: An Alternative Darknet Marketplace For The World


In the era of continuous dark web market rush, finding an autonomous darknet marketplace that stays strong on its claims could be challenging. The challenges seemed to have toned down with the World Market’s advent, deemed to be the ultimate alternative darknet market for the world. 

What Do World Market Boasts About?

When it comes to a darkweb marketplace, there are specific parameters that the market users or aspiring users like to consider. The most common parameters under consideration are the number of vendors, number of users or buyers, product availability, the total number of listings, total sales and other essential features. In this article about the World Market, we will mention all the parameters and what makes the deep web market admins honored.


One of the many concerning factors on being associated with a dark web market is the vendor base. The more number of dark web vendors a marketplace can hold, the more number of sales is possible, the more diverse the products will be, and the user base is likely to become more firm. The World Market is glad to announce 300 vendors at the moment who are working hard to take the marketplace to a different level.

Buyers / Users

Whenever new buyers or users aspire to be a potential customer of a darknet market, they are likely to look at the total number of buyers and users. A marketplace with a relatively low user base mostly fails to attract new joiners due to lacking trust factor. As a growing deep web marketplace, World Market is doing really great. It currently has 1,70,000 users who joined hands to make the World darknet marketplace one of the best.



Listings are considered the primary feature that draws more attention from the buyers. The more diverse the listings are, the more people join to conduct a purchase. It is incredible to see that the World Market possesses a listing of not a few but a whopping 12,000. The listings are distributed under the categories – drugs, fraud, digital goods, counterfeit items and services.


The number of sales determines the amount of profit a marketplace can gain. When it comes to the Tor network marketplace, sales stand at the top of the preferences. A marketplace with no sales is likely to lose its reputation in no time. The World Market seems to be really lucky on the sales point. As of now, it has successfully conducted 40,000 sales and counting.


On asking some of the many users of a dark net marketplace, one could quickly figure out what importance uptime holds for the users and the vendors. Some instances give an insight that due to the enormous downtime, the users get intimidated and opts to relocate to other marketplaces. Fortunately, the World Market has been noted to bear 99% of uptime. Isn’t that awesome?


Other Prominent Features

Till this, we have discussed the various parameters that the World Market boasts of. Additionally, there are some other supremely unique features that you need to have a look at.

  • The marketplace is an autonomous market on the Tor network and requires a premium VPN to get into it.
  • It possesses an automatic CC autoshop.
  • It supports free conversion from Bitcoin (BTC) to Monero (XMR).
  • The support center offers a relatively faster solution.
  • Its own forum, “World Forum,” serves as an excellent community for darknet users.
  • The market admins are currently looking forward to offering their users a dark theme and an increased number of giveaways for both the users and the vendors.

This brings us to the end of the article, but many more things are to be awaited in the market, making it even more glorious.

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