Victory Market: The Darknet’s Ebay


The darknet markets are ever-growing, and often some of them tend to come back after a fall. One of the most recent dark web markets that have emerged as people’s favourite is the Victory Market. In this article on the market, we will take you through a unique inclusion in the world of darknet markets, especially the Victory Market.


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In this write-up, we will discuss everything about the marketplace, its mission, vision, products, purchases, rules, security, Victory Market links and what not. So, this will be the Victory Market Review aiming to bring the market a step closer to its users. But, before we proceed, here is a bit of a disclaimer. 

As the tagline of the market reveals, it is the “Darknet’s Ebay”. Thus, you will need the specialized Tor browser in order to access it. For additional security, you will also need a premium VPN that will mask your real identity. Run both of them together to have a safe experience. 

Why Could We Foresee Victory Market’s Success?

The Victory Darknet Market is one of those marketplaces on the Tor network that aims to provide its users with a hassle-free experience. The user interface is exceptionally clean, while it is much easier to navigate within the marketplace. The market admins believe that “people need to have a choice of their own” in the era of monopolization and heavy monetization in most areas of the darknet. In this context, Victory Market, the latest dark web market, has been created for people and their partnership. 

What makes it stand out from the shady business giants? Well, it is their work that is based on people’s wishes. They are like the “genie in the lamp” for their users. They impose maximum comfort, eradicating tough times for the users. Additionally, they practice healthy OpSec and not delving its people too deep into the fake OpSec. Whose footsteps do they follow? – none other than the Dream Market.

Registration & Security

The registration process is pretty lucid. But what makes it worthy is the login name and display name. Both have to be different. The login name is what a registered user sees, while the display name is a public one that others see. You are required to set up your PGP key and BTC address for dispute refunds. You can find this on the settings page after you log in.

Vendors, Users & Sales

Being a very recent darkweb market, it currently has a hundred vendors. There were even more than that, but with the latest modifications, the market admins have removed the unwanted listings. The market currently boasts 1050 users. Considering the sales, the market possesses a pretty low number of sales which is acceptable for their age of emergence. However, we believe the market has to go a long way to grow their sales, which they definitely would.


As of the time of writing, the marketplace holds a pretty impressive number of products from a variety of categories such as – Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Opioids, Pharmacy, Steroids and Counterfeits. Also, for the ease of their users, they have listed some featured products on their homepage.


Currently, the Victory Market accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments. They have a wallet to wallet transaction. To trade, the minimum Bitcoin deposit needs to be 0.00100000 BTC, and for withdrawal, the minimum balance should be 0.00200000 BTC. It seems they have a Monero (XMR) acceptance as well.

Other Features Of The Victory Market

Apart from all those that are mentioned above, there are a couple of other attractive features as well:

  • It has a fantastic chat feature where you can directly chat with the market admins, and even they guide you on how not to overdose on drugs. This is great!

  • The marketplace bears an easily spottable purchase section that helps you with your purchase history.

  • The platform comes with a helpful support system with tickets where you can raise a ticket and get your issues addressed in a short time. Additionally, you can also check the status of your raised ticket.


  • Listings come with ratings and auto-finalize for orders. 
  • You can also become a vendor in the Victory Market
  • Escrow protected orders can be carried out.
  • The shipment medium can be seen on the cart page. You can update your delivery address per order/item.

This was all about the Victory Market, where we have learned a lot about all the market features. Check out the marketplace for yourself to know what all products are banned from sale. 

Happy Surfing!

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.


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