How To Use Reddit With Tor?


Reddit can be easily used with TOR if one possesses proper knowledge. In this guide, we will be taking you through the in-depth steps of using Reddit with Tor. But, if you are a newbie in the field, it holds immense importance to go through the basics first. So, we will go step by step starting from the basics.

What is Tor?
If it is the first time you are hearing the terms “Tor” or “Tor browser”, then please take a few moments to read the interesting explanation about it. It is absolutely crucial for you to understand it as the whole guide is based on that particular knowledge.

The Tor is a browser or rather a specialized browser that not only permits you to browse the general clearnet websites like but also the .onion sites (also known as the hidden wiki links). The onion sites are special websites that permit the visitors and the operator of that special website (Tor .onion urls) to stay anonymous. This helps to conceal the identity of one another. The darknet markets or DNMs that you would later use in this guide are the perfect examples for such hidden services.
About Reddit Usage
In order to use Reddit, you first have to log in, disabling the JavaScript (a programming language used to de-anonymize you). On doing this, you will not be able to reply to comments or vote. On the contrary, you would be required to enable JavaScript to view Selfposts on NSFW marked subreddits. However, you can simply ignore this with the help of an Add-on. If you require to post replies to the comments or make posts, then read till the end and follow the instructions accordingly.

Set Security Slider To High

The first and foremost step that you should take every time you start the Tor browser is to set the security slider to high. This disables JavaScript globally and also does some other security enhancements.

When you are using the Tails OS and running Tor on it, you have to do this every time you boot Tails. This is because you can only store bookmarks for your Tor browser and no other Tor browser configuration files.

Whitelist on NoScript


Now when the above is completed, click on the “S” symbol in the top left of the Tor browser and select the “Options” from the drop down menu. Then switch to the “Appearance” tab and do the following:
⦁ Check the checkbox against “Temporarily Allow”.
⦁ Uncheck the checkboxes against “Allow Scripts Globally (Dangerous)” and “About NoScript”.
After this, confirm the new settings by clicking on ” OK”. Then you just have to head to, followed by clicking on the “S” symbol again and click on the drop down menu entry “Temporarily allow”.

You are all set! Now you can create an account and make posts, write comments and vote with the created account.

Solving The Captcha Codes

On reddit and the other websites, Tor users are usually required to solve captcha codes at some point. This is generally for account creation or sending a PM (actions that are being abused often by the spammers). You should be able to solve it after you have enabled the JavaScript for the website you are currently on (for example, just if you are on the website, not globally or allow all scripts for this website). Google’s reCAPTCHA is a specialized captcha code where you have to select certain images. It is supposed to work with the above steps but you may encounter some error like “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we cannot process your request right now.”

They usually appear right at the beginning when you try to solve the captcha. However, to circumvent it, you simply need to get a new identity with Tor browser button located at the top left. You might have to do this a couple of times but it should work eventually. If you did it several times but it is still not working, then you have to wait for sometime and then try after sometimes. It should be just a matter of time to get around that error.

Creating An Account

You are highly encouraged to create a new account for browsing, commenting and posting on the subreddits related to darknet markets. If you are not still convinced to create an account, visit snoopsnoo and checkout for yourself how much information is available publicly about your account.

Note: Although currently it seems like you need an email address for creating an account but you can just skip the process by clicking on the “Next” button. The same goes for choosing the default subs (5 Nos.), you want to subscribe to at the beginning.

Post Account Creation

For this you need to head to your account preferences and follow the below mentioned steps:

⦁ Check the option stating “I am over eighteen years old and willing to view adult content”.
⦁ Uncheck the option stating “Label posts that are not safe for work (NSFW)”.
⦁ Uncheck the option stating “Make my votes public”.
⦁ Uncheck the option stating “Allow my data to be used for research purposes”.
⦁ Check the option stating “Don’t allow search engines to index my user profile”.
⦁ Uncheck the option stating “Allow reddit to log my outbound clicks for personalization”.
⦁ Head to this page, uncheck all the checkboxes and then click on the ‘save options’ button.
You can also see your past logins. When you use Tor browser, this would just serve as a long list of different IP Addresses and no identifying information about you. However, you must assume that reddit stores much more data than just the data displayed to you.

Browsing Reddit

⦁ Do not post information that can be utilised to identify you.
⦁ Do not log into the account without using Tor.
⦁ In such situations where your account is shadowbanned owing to a bad Toe node, you can message and request the admins to remove the ban or the shadowban on your account. You can make a post on /r/ShadowBan if you are not sure if your account has been shadowbanned.


Kindly note that you would be needing an extra free line between two of your paragraphs in order to get displayed as such. All you need to do is just press enter twice after a sentence and you will be able to write the future text in a new paragraph. This means that it must look like this:

Also, if you are willing to reply to a comment, kindly click on the “Reply” link directly under that comment and then type the answer in the newly appeared field. That way, the user you are replying to would receive a notification and can answer to your new comment.

Are you willing to add more information to your initial post? Well, instead of making a new comment in your thread, click on the “Edit” link directly under the text from your post and add the information you want followed by confirmation with “Save”.

Mentioning The Usernames

In order to mention the users, you have to write them like this: /u/wombat2combat[+1], so that the targeted user receives a notification that he got a mention. These notifications are turned on by default. But you should also keep in mind that they can also be turned off anytime. It is advised not to do so unless there is any good reason behind it.

If you make the username mentions in the text of a selfpost (refers to a post on reddit that solely contains text), users will never receive any notifications though. Thus, you have to do it in the comments.

But, if you mention over three users in just one comment (with ‘/u/username’, writing their names generally like ‘username’ is okay), none of these users will get notified. So it is advisable to mention three or less users in a single comment or split up the mentioning into several comments.

Formatting PGP Encrypted Messages, Signed Messages or Keys In A Proper Manner

In order to format PGP encrypted messages, signed messages or keys properly on Reddit, kindly follow these instructions.

Spotting The Possible Shills

Shilling is referred to as an attempt by a user or vendor to discredit another person, promote their own products and services posing as a satisfied customer or any other attempt to raise or destroy the business by using alternative accounts and pretending to be someone else. Here are some of the tips that you can follow and spot them easily.



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