Teenage Assassin: Detective Murder Resembles Playing Hitman Video Game


A teenage assassin who had murdered a female detective is proud of his deeds and has confessed to the Russian cops that it felt like playing the favourite Hitman video game. The detective who was shot dead was ‘Fearless’ detective Lt-Col Evgenia Shishkina, aged 49 years. She was shot in her neck and her chest after she left home in the morning near Moscow. The teenage assassin had been identified as Abdulaziz Abdulazizov, aged 19 years. The detective took her last breath in her husband’s arms.

The cops have revealed that the assassin had been playing out a role from one of his favourite video games “Hitman“, where the player controls a contract killer or a hitman.

The accused, who was a trainee doctor, had been imprisoned for 14 years.

The law enforcement agencies of Russia believe that the case is an unusual one. They feel it to be a documented instance of an assassination that has been ordered through the dark web, the hidden internet.

The Moscow regional court was informed that the contract killing had been initiated by a man under the nickname Migel Morales. His real identity has been revealed, Yaroslav Sumbaev, who happens to be the owner of an illegal darknet drugs vendor shop.

Reports state that Shishkina had been investigating the contract killer and that he earlier had sought to slay her.

The investigators took the teenage assassin to the crime scene in the bid to recreate the entire murder situation. A video of the complete assassination had been filmed where he explained how he had killed the detective. 

Video: Daily Mail

Abdulazizov is to face a separate trial as well that involved air and railway ticket fraud amounting to a multi-million pound. Shishkina was also probing this case. 

It had been known that initially an underaged schoolboy was hired by Sumbaev, but later the teenage assassin had been hired for the killing.

‘She turned around when I took out the gun,’ he said. ‘She saw the gun and screamed and waved at me with her bag.

‘I slipped. Then I shot… in the neck.’

‘He agreed to try and be a contract killer in real life,’ said a report citing law enforcement.

The assassin was told that the detective was a ‘bad woman’.

Oleg, a retired police lieutenant-colonel and Shishkina’s husband had followed his wife after she left their flat.

‘She died in my arms,’ he said. ‘She did not say a word, she was wheezing and that was it…’

The teenage assassin was later paid £4,700 in bitcoin (BTC) for the hitman service, which was less than the promised amount (£11,700).

Source: Mail Online

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