South Canterbury: Teen Drug Dealer Sentenced


A teenager from South Canterbury had attempted to import drugs and had been thwarted at the border. He was found with nearly 650 ecstasy pills that were skillfully hidden in a lolly bag. The accused’s name has been put under suppression, who is now 18 years old and was then 17 years old at the time of the committed crime. He has confessed to the authorities that he has given away or sold around 350 MDMA tablets via the dark web. He has shipped the illegal drugs all across New Zealand utilizing the transactions made through Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The accused has been pleading guilty to possession of the MDMA for the supply and also attempt to import drugs such as amphetamine, LSD and MDMA. He was sentenced to four months of the community detention and eighteen months of intensive supervision with the judicial monitoring when he had appeared before Judge Joanna Maze of the Timaru District Court.

A summary of the facts had been presented before the court. In the events, the Crown prosecutor named Anne-Marie McRae had said that a glass bong had been addressed to the teenager which was sent from China. The parcel was intercepted and as well as seized at the International Mail Centre of Auckland on the 26th of June, 2019. Along with this, New Zealand Customs has also blocked nine grams of the MDMA hydrochloride powder on the 7th of August, LSD tablets numbering 336 on the 11th of December and on the 27th of December, they had blocked 11.3 grams of amphetamines. All of them was done to the teenager who involved himself in import drugs occurrence from the Netherlands. Police have finally executed a search warrant at the residence of the teenager on the 5th of February, 2020.

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“During a search of his bedroom, police located approximately 650 MDMA tablets in a ziplock bag concealed in a Skittles lolly bag,” McRae said. “In explanation, [he] stated that he imported the MDMA tablets from overseas via the dark web using bitcoin cryptocurrency. He paid $1.80 NZD per pill, a total of $1800 NZD.”

The accused has sold each of the import drugs pills for $50 to the people around the country via a domestic market on the dark web, McRae has revealed.

“In relation to the LSD and amphetamine intercepted and held at Customs, [he] declined to comment.”

The Defence lawyer named Kerry Cook had stated that going through the court processes had been a significant “Watershed Moment” for the teenager.

“I just want to acknowledge how far [he] has come in terms of the person Your Honour first saw and his parents were dealing with. This family has taken everything that this court case has thrown at them very seriously, and made changes. The family supported judicial monitoring and counselling being incorporated into the sentence”, Cook said.

“The momentum that has gathered because of this has been incredibly beneficial to the family. Just because [he’s] been abstinent for a short period of time, that doesn’t mean it [drug abuse] won’t come back,” he said.

“There is the obvious benefit of Your Honour having oversight into [his] rehabilitation, and how he’s being monitored by the Department of Corrections.”

Judge Maze had said that she gave the teenager a sentencing indication of imprisonment or the home detention in June, while both Cook and McRae had supported the community detention and as well as intensive supervision due to the age of the defendant.

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“Some allowance can be made in recognition of his obedience to stringent bail conditions,” the judge said. “I hope this provides sufficient flexibility to support any job application.”

The judge has convicted the import drugs teenager and had ordered him to undergo counseling of drug and alcohol and/or any other treatment direction by a probationary officer and has banned him from utilizing the Internet unless he was given a clean cheat by the probation and under the supervision of his parents or any other approved adult.

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