Swindon Paedophile Receives 20 Months Jail Sentence Knocking Out Detective


A man from Rodbourne, Swindon named John Butters of aged 72 years has been jailed for 20 months the day earlier. He has used video conferencing website called Zoom to establish a conversation with the other perverts. The Swindon paedophile is accused of sending offensive messages to a law enforcement officer who happened to disguise him, stating she is a 13-year-old kid named Mia. In one of the messages, he had tried to persuade Mia for meeting him that weekend.

He wrote: “Promise you won’t get preggers but you will have sex.”

Judge Peter Crabtree, while jailing, the accused said, “I have very real reservations about your ability to rehabilitate.” 

The court had learnt from prosecutor Pushpanjali Gohil that the accused had been under a warning since 2015 for possessing indecent images of children.

Back in 2017, the detectives got tipped off regarding the Swindon paedophile, which revealed that he had been using video conferencing platform like Zoom for watching child sexual abuse videos. They had further learned that the accused had claimed to be a Physics student of aged 19 years named Paul. He had started talking to the disguised kid on a different chat website named Chat Avenue back in September 2017. On this platform, their conversation lasted for a week after which they shifted to Skype.

Soon after, the accused started to send the “so-called youngster” x-rated messages. He had asked Mia to let her mother know that she would be staying at a friend’s place that weekend. This would help them to meet, and they could have sex.

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In November 2017, police had raided his house. They found 30 indecent child images on his device that included three videos depicting young children aged men are raping four years. The devices also contained software that was capable of deleting a programme and files that helped the Swindon paedophile to access the dark web.

A year later in September 2018, the detectives visited Butters to interview him. The accused paedophile was agitated at that time, and he attempted to punch one of the officers. While he was being restrained, he headbutted Helen Clarke, Det Sgt knocking her out with a blow. He believed that the officer had been rude to his wife and stated that the officer deserved that.

A victim statement from Clarke stated that six months following the blow, she still had been suffering pain from the blow and had to undergo treatment for a dislodged tooth. She has been a classically trained clarinettist but was unable to play the instrument.

The Swindon paedophile had been admitted causing the actual physical harm, three counts of creating indecent images of children and attempted sexual conversation with an underaged.

The defending Ranjit Sandhu had stated that his client was in meagre health and he handed a 30 pages medical records to the court. Sandhu noted that he is concerned as his client was not receiving proper medications while he was in custody on remand.

The accused who was a former demolition contractor had obtained a qualification in computer science and married for almost 50 years. He cared for his wife and feared he might only have a few years to live.

He recognised he needed help to address his sexual interest in children. Mr Sandhu said: “These offences mostly took place due to boredom. If he has something to look forward to, something to aspire to he can concentrate on the most important thing; his wife and his immediate family.” 

The accused was said to have been dissatisfied that five officers had arrived at his place back in 2018 and not the one expected officer. 

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“Once the defendant saw the five police officers who had attended it’s fair to say he was frustrated.”

Police officers had assaulted the OAP in his youth. “The only way he could stop police officers from assaulting him was to become aggressive,” Mr Sandhu said. He continued to have anger management issues. 

At a hearing in September, the Swindon paedophile anger management issues were exposed when he denied to hand over his cellphone to the dock officer. At the hearing, it was found that the accused had continued to use the sex chat rooms. However, he no longer logged onto the gay websites as they “turned out boring”.

His offender manager warned: “Butters has no remorse for his victims. He continues to explore his sexual fantasies with other like-minded individuals.” 

The judge Crabtree had jailed Butters for 20 months (One year and eight months) and ordered he must abide by a decade sexual harm prevention order and also sign in the sex offenders’ register for the same period.

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