Silk Road Operator: President May Consider Ross Ulbricht’s Pardon


The U.S. President has yet not taken a decision and is in a turmoil whether he should accept the pardon of the Silk Road operator, Ross Ulbricht. As per a report that has been rolled out lately, the White House counsel’s office is currently reviewing the case documents of Ross.

The report cites three sources which directly relate to the matter that claims the President to be reviewing cases in the next round of pardons and communications before the 20th of January, 2021. The inauguration date of the new U.S. President will be on the same day.

However, a final decision on the pardon case of the Silk Road operator is left to be determined, as a report has mentioned. But it has been seen that Ross reportedly has influential backers within the inner circles of the President. These backers have been continuously pushing for a pardon, the report has disclosed. 

“I’ve had documents forwarded to my contacts in the White House as early as February,” said activist Weldon Angelos, a former music producer and ex-federal inmate cited in the article. 

Image: Tech Republic

The report had also included a reference to Weldon where he said that Ross’s family had contacted him and they are “hopeful” that the President will favor his pardon. 

“This case has perhaps more support than I’ve seen in any case of this kind.” – Weldon adds.

Ross Ulbricht was the founder of the now-defunct darknet marketplace Silk Road back in 2011 and was known as the Silk Road operator of the dark web site. The marketplace used to operate on Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency as its primary payment method. It dealt with the illegal trade of contraband such as drugs and weapons.

Ross is considered as a cult hero in some of the crypto communities and amongst the political activists who still argue that his sentence of life and two without parole was unnecessarily harsh. 

Source: Coindesk

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