Postal Systems

The main goal of shipping is to get a parcel or letter moved from one point to the other. Almost every country worldwide has a system of shipping. “International Mail” refers to interchanging mail between two or more countries. If a mail is delivered within a country from where it has been sent, it is termed as “Domestic Mail”.

Although the countries vary in system design, similar things like the mail sorting facilities as well as Customs inspection facilities are found in most. The international mail goes through two customs inspection facilities – one from the country of origin, and the other in the destination country. The international mails are subjected to far more eyes and inspection than the domestic mail that merely goes through the sorting facilities. This includes unwarranted opening and passing through x-rays, varying on laws and common practices of a country. All domestic First-Class mail in the USA is protected by law against the unwarranted search and seizure.

The international mail is also pretty expensive and possesses higher loss rates than the domestic ones. There are certain countries that are known for having particularly strict Customs Inspections on the incoming mail. These countries include – Singapore, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Finland and many other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Ordering contraband through the international mail to and from these countries depends on the buyers. But this is strictly discouraged owing to the elevated risk of the detection and arrest.

Accepting Packages

This serves to be a very useful resource that you must thoroughly go through before continuing with the other other chapters.

How long do I need to wait between two orders?

It is highly recommended that you should not order over one package at a time. If your order arrives on time and without any issue, then you must make your next orders. That way (in the worst case, your package gets intercepted), the law enforcement would be able to seize only one package having illegal goods with your address on it. In case they discover more than one package of contraband, it would be really hard for both you and your lawyer to deny your knowledge of it in the court sessions.

Should I change by shipping address?

If you follow the steps mentioned in the guides (DNM Bible) and keep yourself away from ordering more than one package at a time, then you do not have to change your address and can reuse it.

Why is my package damaged?

Sometimes the packages get a bit damaged and not completely opened. This is because while shipping those boxes gets thrown around a lot. It could be possible that the boxes or the packages have been tossed onto the ground, bent or manhandled by workers or might have been torn by the sorting machines.

It is definitely a federal offence to open someone’s mail without an authority. However, if someone could see the illegal content of your mail through the holes and nicks then you must not order for a while. If the contraband is not not visible due to a visual barrier and/or a decoy that the vendor has used, you can be fine enough with a damaged package.

Can I order to a university or a dormitory?

Yes, you can. But in this case, you have to make sure that you have not signed away any of your rights to your school permitting them to search your mail. Get it straight that your university can search your dormitory without a cause and/or without your knowledge.

Can I order to my office?

Not at all. Hopefully you do not want to get arrested and lose your job at the same time. You should keep all your DNM activities outside your workplace.

Should I track the package?

You should not track your package at all unless there is any issue with the delivery, say delivery of your package has extended the specific date mentioned. On doing so, you would only be leaving behind traces and that it will not help faster delivery of your package. More details have been provided in the Non-arriving Packages chapter.

If at all it is necessary to track your package, which should never be the case, never ever use Tor to do it. This would be a huge red flag and the law enforcement is already aware about the DNM users tracking their packages over Tor. It is recommended that you use a third-party website if possible. Also do not use the website of your mail carrier but some other that checks the tracking for you. Some examples to be considered are: TrackingEx and PackageMapping. Stay away from using your own Wi-Fi for tracking packages, instead use a public Wi-Fi such as a cafe or use a VPN and choose a server that is in the same country as yours. This would not raise red flags.

What would be my next step if I receive a double order or any other items additionally or stuff that I did not order at all?

In such a situation, contact your vendor. If you can use the received product, you should pay for it. In case you can partially use what you have received or use it even if you didn’t order it, you might consider paying shipping and 50% of the item’s price. If you cannot use it or want it completely, let your vendor know. It is absolutely necessary to be good to the good vendors and you might be treated nicely in return.

How should I dispose of the packaging?

After you have extracted the goods from the package, you would be left with some additional packaging material. It is best that you do not trash out in your own bin keeping yourself away from incriminating too much. Thus, what you can do is either burn it or throw away in a trash can that is faraway from your location. A very common practice in this regard (especially drug investigations) is to collect and look through the trash can of the suspect for evidence of drug law violations.

Origin Countries

The first and the most important rule is to stick to domestic shipping wherever possible. Mails that stay within a country and not cross the country borders are less susceptible to be checked than the all other mails. This diminishes the risk of you not receiving your package or even getting into legal trouble.

However, one disadvantage to this is that the prices can be a bit higher as compared to the other listings from the vendors that do not ship from your country. You are the only one to decide if you want to go for the higher risk and pay a bit less or if you are willing to play a safe round and pay a bit more than usual.

If you are a first time purchaser, it is smarter to stick to the domestic shipping, even if you have to pay a bit extra. During the first order, many newbies tend to worry or get paranoid and then make mistakes. To maintain some peace of mind, you must stick to the domestic as it generally means higher success rate of delivery.

Countries With “Hot” Origin

If you are planning to order internationally, it is rigidly discouraged to order from the below mentioned “hot countries”. This is because mail coming from these countries will pass through extensive checking.

  • Bolivia (BO) – It is the notorious Cocaine origin country.
  • Canada (CA) – This country is on the Israeli drug origin country watchlist and especially XpressPost express mail from Canada is often opened and examined by the US Customs indiscriminately.

Note: Mail that has not been sent via XpressPost from Canada, usually is not a matter of extra concern.

  • Columbia (CO) – It is the notorious Cocaine and Heroin origin country.
  • Ecuador (EC) – It is a significant but marginal Cocaine origin country.
  • France (FR) – Is on the Israeli drug origin country watchlist and affects the imports into Israel.
  • Peru (PE) – It is the notorious Cocaine origin country.
  • Spain (ES) – This country is also on the Israel’s drug origin country watchlist and this affects the import in Israel.
  • The Netherlands (NL) – It is the notorious origin country for all the drugs.
  • Venezuela (VE) – It is a significant but marginal Cocaine origin country with possible rising market share.

Though this list may somewhat differ from the global Customs agencies including the US customs, the US State Department gives a decent idea of which countries they consider to be the major sources of drugs. They gave details about the following countries in their Yearly International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, which they consider to be the “Major Illicit Drug Producing, Drug- Transit, Significant Source, Precursor Chemical” countries. According to the INCSR 2018 Volume 1, those are:

Major Illicit Drug Producing, Drug-Transit and Significant Source Countries

A major illegal drug producing country is one that:

  • Has an illicit opium/poppy cultivation or harvest of 1,000 hectares per year.
  • Has an illicit coca cultivation or harvest of 1,000 hectares per year.
  • Has an illicit cannabis/weed cultivation or harvest of 5,000 hectares per year (unless the President determines that such illegal cannabis production does not significantly affect the United States). [FAA § 481 (e) (2)]

A major drug transit country is one that:

  • Is a significant direct source of illegal narcotics, psychotropic drugs or other controlled substances that are significantly affecting the United States.
  • Through which such drugs or substances are transported.[FAA § 481 (e) (5)].

The below mentioned major illegal drug producing and/or and drug-transit countries had been identified and notified to Congress by the President on 13th September, 2017, which is consistent with section 706(1) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2003 (Public Law 107-228):

The Bahamas, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Burma, Belize, Costa Rica, Columbia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, India, Laos, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Panama and Venezuela.

The Major Precursor Chemical Source Countries

The following countries and the jurisdictions have been identified to be the major precursor sources or the essential chemicals that are used in the production of illicit narcotics: 

Afghanistan, Argentina, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burma, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Egypt, Ecuador, Guatemala, Germany, Honduras, India, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Countries that are known for strict customs enforcement on the inbound international mail

There are certain countries that are known for having a particular rigid customs inspections on the incoming mail. Ordering the contraband through international mail to and from these countries is upto the purchaser. But generally it is discouraged due to the elevated risk of detection and arrest. The notable countries coming to mention are:

  • Australia (AU)
  • Finland (FI)
  • Israel (IL) – Never ever order drugs to Israel from Canada, France, Spain and the Netherlands.
  • New Zealand (NZ)
  • Norway
  • Singapore (SG)
  • Sweden

And many other Asian countries and most of the Middle Eastern countries. Also, get yourself updated if your country is a part of some kind of organization or even has trade deals with other countries that allow mail to get sent with ease and gets less checked.


Stealth is very important to get your ordered product to your front door. It is basically a vendor topic as they are the only ones responsible for packaging the order. But you have to pay attention too to avoid getting into legal trouble as you chose a vendor who is much known for his not so good stealth.

The most important difference between the stealth and decoy is that stealth is used to make the package appear as normal as it could be and also conceal the smell of the drugs. Whereas, the decoy is an item that is used to hide the drugs inside the package in an attempt to mitigate the possibility of the drugs in your package to be found. Thus, decoys are essential in the international orders as these packages get inspected twice by the customs – once in the origin country and once in the destination country. They are not much important for the domestic order because they do not cross the country borders. Therefore, if you order internationally, you must look closely on the vendor reviews. It has been described in detail in the “Choosing a Vendor” chapter and also check if they use adequate stealth and decoys.

Non-arriving Packages


You need to keep in mind that some of the vendors mark your order as “shipped” before they actually ship it, which could be for security reasons and/or because they are lazy. So, never expect that your packages are actually shipped even if it got marked as “shipped”. These are not the only reasons but can be a lot more if your package is late in arrival such as the postal strike or the weather etc. All you can do is be patient.

Test If Your Package Gets Intercepted

In order to test if your mail gets intercepted, you can mail something to yourself, say, from a post office far away from your location. What else you are going to do is:

  • Package the parcel carefully all by yourself and remember the order or pattern of the placement of things in the package. You could also take a snapshot.
  • Be creative. Use striking things like colourful tapes or make shapes over the openings of the package with it. You must use a specific number of packaging peanuts that you can count easily and remember. Wrap the object that you want to mail in some thin holiday wrapping paper and tape that too. Be as creative and crazy as you can. It doesn’t really matter if the packaging looks shucks, sketch but on contrary, it might be better for it. You could also add a handwritten text (the information) on the package.
  • The item that you send does not matter as long as it is legal (such as the motion sensor cameras that the hunters use to capture wildlife photography at night). Remember, we are just attempting to find out whether our mails are being tampered.
  • You must conduct this experiment as many times as needed. You can implement some more ideas on how to check if the package got intercepted.

Undeliverable as Address

This refers to the recipient address on the package that does not “exist” or could not be read properly by the postman or the post woman. This could be for a variety of reasons, of which the most common is, perhaps you may forget to include your apartment or unit number that you reside in. Other possible reasons could be you misspelt something, gave a fake name (never do this!), the delivery person is dumb or blind or cannot interpret your address, the shipping address got torn or smeared along the way or the vendor you purchased your lab supplies from has forgot to include your apartment number despite of you sending it to the vendor.


You are patiently waiting for your package to arrive. You might be thinking that it is supposed to reach you by now and you tracked the shipment and saw its status displayed: “Undeliverable as Addressed – package will be shipped back to the sender if the sender’s address is valid”. You panicked for sometime but you are clueless what to do. But you are lucky enough to have this guide with you, so keep on reading.

What to do if it has been less than 24 hours since your package was marked “Undeliverable as Addressed”?

You should call the post office and say that your shipment is in such and such place. If they question (which is unlikely), explain your situation politely and furnish them your correct name and shipping address. They can ask you to just come and pick up. You must not be scared as you did nothing wrong. As experience goes, the phone numbers of the local post offices go to nowhere or mostly the workers do not receive the call, but it could work for you.

If this does not work, then go to the post office directly where your shipment is sitting at. Make sure to carry your ID proof (proof of residence or the shipping address that you have provided to the seller) as having the package’s tracking number is not necessary but it would be of much help if required. Politely explain what you are going through. If they ask about the issue, say it was marked “Undeliverable”. When they ask for your ID and tracking number, provide them. If it is there, they would be able to find it. 

If they do not find it, call the USPS 800 toll-free customer service phone number (Google up) and be prepared to stay on call for as long as 90 minutes. But stay on as it is worthwhile. Once you talk to the customer service executive, explain the scenario and provide them your name and complete address. They would tell you that they will get this sent to you. Again, you have to wait for 5-10 days before you actually receive it.

What to do if it is over 24 hours since your package was marked “Undeliverable as Addressed”?

Just call the toll-free 800 USPS customer care number. Just be prepared to stay on call for as long as 90 minutes. But stay on as it is worthwhile and beneficial for your package receipt. Once you talk to the customer service executive, explain the scenario and provide them your name and complete address, also the correct one. They would tell you that they will or hopefully get this sent to you. Again, you have to wait for 5-10 days before you actually receive your package.

Also, you have been watching the tracking number for a week and saw it coming to your city. But suddenly you see the same error message. This could be because you initially tried to fix the “Undeliverable” package issue a bit late and they were unable to update the shipping address completely and could just try to send it back to your city. This isn’t a problem though as you caught this on time. Just follow all the steps mentioned above for your rescue and not panic.


Despite where you chose to get your order delivered to, you must have a “clean” house when you are expecting your parcel. By this it is meant that you do not have any suspicious or illegal things (like bongs) anywhere in your house or any other locations related to your identity. This is due to the fact that if something goes wrong, your properties will get searched. If the feds find anything illegal, it will be much harder to argue in front of the court and establish that you are a strict law abiding citizen who knows absolutely nothing about the drugs that someone has sent to your house.

Is it okay to use my real name if I order a parcel to my residential address?

Yes, it is okay. From the very beginning, this has been the most debatable topic for the purchasers. The conclusion has always been that you use your real name. No, your idea isn’t original though and you are not any exemption from this rule. Using your real name does not make you more guilty automatically. The main point of using your real name is to mix it in with the other parcel that you receive. USPS keeps a track of the names that have been delivered to this address. A fake name could exceptionally point out to your local postman and then the USPS database.

If a package is discovered, it will not matter whose name is on it. What matters most is that they can prove that you have ordered it, which will not be the case in case you followed all the steps in the DNM Bible. Briefly, using your real name increases the chances of smoother delivery.

What to do if I am staying with my parents?

If you are staying with your parents, then do not order to their house. It really does not matter if they do not check your mail or even know that you are doing drugs. If just a petty mistake occurs like the vendor fails to seal the product properly that he sends you, it would end in your parent’s house getting raided by the feds. It is needless to say that they will be totally pissed off and know that you have ordered drugs in the package.

Instead, get a P.O box and get your parcel delivered there. DNMs are for adults (that is people over 18 years of age) and not for kids. You should also in this case not open anything related to the dark web. This is also a reason for you to not order any DNM parcel at your parent’s house.

Is it right to sign for the package or mail if asked to?

It depends on your jurisdiction. Some might require it as a prerequisite to the police action, while others do not. Yet, if a Controlled Delivery (CD) is likely to happen, you are going to be arrested. Also, maybe not at this point, if you refuse to sign it still will happen. If they have already decided to make a CD to you, they will not let you get off the hook in case you refuse to sign as not signing will be pretty suspicious too. Also, signing for a package does not make you guilty anyway. It is the job of the court to prove that you have asked for the package while signing for a package does not prove this.

The sole reason the postal services have you to sign is to say that you have received the package and that they have done their job successfully. It is just a standard practice especially for the international deliveries.

Utilizing a Drop

Definition of a “Drop”: It is a place where you aren’t connected to but receive the mail under question from. If you still are willing to use a drop (it is rigidly discouraged though), following are some of the tips you must abide by.

Note: A P.O box is not considered anything under the drops section.

There are several correct methods to do that and the best weapon is definitely your imagination. Every situation is going to be different and you have to adapt to all of them, which is the part of the deal. These aren’t that easy though but can be worthwhile. Here we have listed out concisely what /u/VIadThePutin has posted:

A drop address requires to be created and even cultivated. Here are some points that he follows while picking up some of his drops.

  • He chooses a house with no one living in it, but not owned by a bank.
  • Makes it resemble that someone stays in it owning a mowed lawn, weeded garden or may throw out some kid’s toys out there.
  • Stops by everyday or two for a week. This is to make sure the neighbours know someone is staying there without being able to exactly pick up his face.
  • Sending junk mail to this address and making the postman visit often. He sends cheap packages. He states that you should be mindful that Amazon mails through the UPS and the USPS man would not know if he had packages delivered. He stops by everyday and puts the mail on the counter inside the house, waiting for a few days before opening.
  • He owns a property management business so he has all access to a rotating group of empty apartments and houses and not everyone is going to have a situation similar to his.
  • He has opened a PO box in someone else’s name which he thinks to be a good option. He also has opened P.O boxes for his friends with his name across states and is clueless what they do with them. He purchased for a short term while his friends keep on renewing when the little slip is about to expire. Thus, no fake ID is required causing the perfect plausible deniability for him and a mailing address for the senders.

Note: This is not at all the ultimate thing on how to cultivate a drop address but just an insight on what he does. There are a lot of other options and little things that need execution. But it all depends on the situation specific to the drop that you are opting for.

Can I use my PO box as soon as I create it?

It is absolutely unnecessary to wait sometime but it is recommended that you wait. Some people order small packages of legal items first to check if everything is working perfectly. Several other users have reported issues with the first usage of their PO box, for example, the employees forgot to activate the box. It would be humiliating if you run into issues with a package that contains illegal items, right? It is better that you send a test package made by you to your PO box or an eBay/Amazon… order first. Additionally, consider looking into /r/freebies to make sure that you do not only bear the drugs coming to it through.

Countering LE Actions

The Law Enforcement (LE) makes use of various tactics in order to prosecute the buyers. Some of these are described in the upcoming chapters below and would also take you through the ways in which you can protect yourself against them.

Controlled Delivery (CD)

What does Controlled Delivery mean?

Controlled Delivery (CD) is an attempt to accept a package or parcel that contains drugs in order to obtain a solid reason for a search of your residence to be conducted. They trap you to accept the package and they believe that this is a reasonable cause to trust you ordered the package and was expecting it. Just because a package needs a signature, this does not imply that it is anyway a CD.

How do people usually get trapped in a CD?

This can happen in various ways. They may order a bulk amount of products from foreign. LE might have noticed the influx of packages from the same identity and inspect one and follow you for a while. You are more susceptible to be CD’ed when ordering in bulk amounts from a different country. It is for the fact that the domestic packages bearing a smaller quantity are pretty unlikely to get caught, and if it is a personal amount, then you are more likely to receive a love letter and that would just be the end of it. They would immediately start to monitor your mail.

What really happens in a CD?

The Law Enforcement will try and deliver a package that contains drugs to you as you would generally receive them. Nothing would look suspicious if executed correctly. The common misconception is merely a SWAT team that would come barging in through your doors shooting every moving thing. This isn’t true! The truth is they will get you to accept the parcel and come out of the hiding while announcing their presence and instruct you on what they want you to do. This is usually stepping out of the house.

What quantity of ______ (product) will they conduct a CD for?

This particular question has diverse answers depending upon your location, your past history, your age, amount of extra time your local police officer (LEO) force possesses and various other factors that cannot be answered to a global audience. Use your brain. If you are planning to order lots of stuff, opt for a drop. There isn’t any straight definition for “Bulk”. Just make smart choices.

What happens post package acceptance?

They search your residence in the bid to find other drugs that you have ordered. They would reach out for empty letters and packages having return addresses on them. Though it is not 100%  true that they would always take your computer. The chances are that in case you do not reveal anything, they would not know that the packages you received are from a DNM. You must not talk to the cops, but only via your lawyer that you have researched prior to this occurrence.

How can I defend myself from a potential CD?

A few indications can point towards a possible CD. These could be a very long duration for a postage, a seizure letter from a very big order or the bust of a vendor while LE seizes his outgoing mail.

How do you defend yourself? Well, first things first, you need to possess basic knowledge on OpSec which means you need to read and follow this step-by-step guide. Unless you are aware of your deeds, it is important for you to not opt for a drop. Trust us, your address is one of the safest places to order. Always use your original name and address if it is possible, as it is less suspicious. In such a case, if you are going to get CD’ed, you will regardless of ordering to a vacant apartment or house or a PO box and they will catch you if they want to. With this, you also put the vendor at risk and thus, it is advisable to order your house utilizing your real name.

One of the most important things you can do if you suspect a CD is to quickly clean your house. It really does not harm to get rid of all the illicit items as well as the suspicious items like a bong. This is because if they do not find anything through the search, it would be hard to convict you of any crime as you would be completely an innocent person who got drugs randomly and delivered to their doorstep. Moreover, since you have used Tails there would be no evidence of your current order or your previous ones. A CD does not refer to you going to get any sort of punishment. Rather, they have to find solid evidence of you ordering the package.

Will my address be burned if I receive a CD?

Most likely it would be burned. They would track your mail for sure. In case you get a CD, you can do two things. One, you can stop ordering from the DNMs or second, you can order to a friend’s location. A drop is not at all recommended as they might bust you and/or your friend if they track you purchasing drugs from DNMs. Also, if your friend does not squeal, it would not be related to you if they get a CD.

Monitored Delivery

What is meant by Monitored Delivery?

Not likely to a Controlled Delivery (CD), the monitored delivery is usually less practiced and occurs when the LE knowingly delivers the drugs to you. They then put you under surveillance in order to gain evidence to push their investigation of your illicit activities to build a bigger case against you. This can continue for several months and that way the LE is able to build strong cases against the suspects despite their tight OpSec.

How can I defend myself from a monitored delivery?

It is unfortunate that you do not have a lot of options in order to defend yourself against a monitored delivery, since you are unaware of what the LE is upto. It is usually expected to experience these tactics used against the drug distributors and not for the general users who are ordering personal amounts.

You can utilize these tricks in order to check if your mail may be intercepted and examined. However, this does not guarantee you success. Most of the time, the package will not seem to be tampered. Moreover, it is a good idea to order as less frequently as possible to make LE think that there would not be any further packages. Based on the legal condition of your country, LE might be restricted from conducting the monitored deliveries; Like in the USA it happens.

Love Letter

The term “Love Letter” is a playful name given to a letter from the postal services that usually states:

“We have seized your goodies and do not have the time or money to build up a case against you. And/or you did not order enough for us to get too concerned. You lucked out bastard. Do not do it again as we are watching your address. Sincerely, LEO/Post Office/Postal Inspector.”

International Seizure Love Letters

US customs, including the other Customs agencies around the world, quite frequently send “love letter” seizure notices to the international mail recipients with a small amount of suspected illegal drugs inside. These seizure letters are real most of the time.

Some examples of real love letters from the US Customs:

  • Description of International Package Opened by the US Customs – There will be green tape on the package having black lettering that says “INSPECTED BY US CUSTOMS” along with the Homeland Security logo.
  • Love Letter & Burned Address from IS Customs for Steroids.
  • Love Letter from the US Customs from Importing Cat Meds from Thailand.
  • Received Seizure Letter from the US Customs for Anabolic Steroids.
  • Seizure Notice from the US Customs at SFO described.

Once you receive one of these love letters, consider that particular address to be burnt. Thus, you must refrain from using it again as a contraband delivery address. It is possible to get a fake international seizure letter.

Domestic Seizure Love Letters

It is too uncommon to receive a domestic seizure notice for all the seized items sent from inside a country for delivery within the same country. The regular protocol when the illicit drugs are found in the domestic mail is to conduct a CD or Controlled Delivery and arrest the intended recipient. Usually, any seizure notices of this kind are straight sly scams done by the unscrupulous vendors. This is applicable especially in the USA where about 99% of the time any seizure letter you have received for a domestic (say, US to US) drug order is completely fake. The sole time US Postal Inspectors send the seizure letters for the domestic items is when they have seized some cash.

Some examples of the US- domestic fake love letters:

  • Comments on “Domestic Love Letters”.
  • How to tell if the love letter is legit?
  • Seized packages potentially fake? LETTER IMAGE.
  • Warning: Got (Fake) domestic love letter after the order with the vendor – LETTER IMAGE.