The Paedophile Returns To Court: Sexually-Abused Minors Receive Counselling


A 48-year-old resident of Windhoek had allegedly preyed minor boys. He had been accused of repeatedly sexually abusing the minors and videotaping them for a pornographic business. Off lately, the sexually abused minors are undergoing counselling for the trauma that they had gone through.

The incident came into broad daylight when the accused paedophile Johann Wickus Maree appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court. It has been alleged that nearly 34 sexually abused minors had been the victims of the alleged exploitation. Sylvia Kauluma, the State prosecutor, has informed the court that the State has managed to get the statements from some of the victims. Therefore, the investigations into the case are still ongoing.

At the moment, the prosecution is charging the accused with eight counts each of indecent assault, rape, committing an immoral act of below 16 years aged child, trafficking in persons by hiring the underaged boys possessing the intent to subject them to the sexual abuse and usage of children for creating child pornography. All in all, the accused is facing 40 charges.

The prosecution is now alleging that the accused had allegedly sexually abused and raped the minor boys between 2016 and 2020. When the accused was arrested in May, the police had indicated that they have been carrying out an investigation that was collaborated with the South African cops, the Netherlands cops and Interpol since 2019.

sexually-abused-minors- paedophile-court
Image: New Era Live

The police investigations were centred round the pornographic video recordings of all the sexually abused minors that had been uploaded on the dark web. The posted videos were allegedly connected to the username “Maree”. It has also been found that the defender worked as a private investigator and a sports photographer. He had reportedly been operating a website having the pseudonym “Boy Idols”.

The investigations revealed that Maree had sold the pictures of boys modelling in various clothes and swimwear. The sexually abused minors were performing different sexual acts in the bathrooms. Some of the other videos were filmed in the swimming pools and toilets at the Windhoek sporting events. All of these videos were throughout the internet.

The accused is currently in the police custody and is scheduled to make another court appearance on the 4th of December after his case had been postponed for the forthcoming police investigations and the legal aid.

Source: New Era Live

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