Opioid Vendor Pleads Guilty To The Counterfeit Drugs & Currency Charges


A New York opioid vendor from Utica, has admitted trading more than $1 million worth of narcotics alongside fake U.S. currency on the various dark web markets. 

The opioid vendor has been identified as Albie Pagan aged 65 years who had confessed of running the vendor accounts on various darknet marketplaces such as Apollon, AlphaBay, Avaris, Dark Market, Cryptonia, Dark0de, Nightmare, Dream Market and Wall Street Market under the alias “Hook3d”. The accused had advertised various drugs on these dark web markets. The drugs included – hydromorphone, oxycodone, Adderall and hydrocodone. Additionally, he had listed advertisements of counterfeit U.S. currency including the $10 and $20 notes.

“The defendant illegally distributed over $1.2 million of highly addictive opioids and counterfeit currency while attempting to operate anonymously on dark web marketplaces,” said Raj Parekh, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “Those who seek to profit by using the dark web to fuel a devastating opioid crisis that has ravaged our communities will be found and brought to justice.”

It is surprising to find out that on the Wall Street Market alone, the accused had sold more than $325,000 of fake U.S. currency. His gross proceeds for the narcotics sale and the counterfeit currency was at the minimum $1,011,079.

The accused opioid vendor had a gross process on the AlphaBay market for drug sales of at least $90,399.

A review of the opioid vendor Hook3d’s sales on the famous Dark Market unearthed 475 voluntary customer-rated orders that reflected the purchases for numerous illegal items. This consisted of narcotics – oxycodone (2,250), hydrocodone (3,293) and hydromorphone pills (382). The gross proceeds for narcotics and the fake currency on the Dark Market had exceeded $131,948 and is based on the reviewed transactions. 

As per the facts statement, the accused opioid vendor had sold at the minimum 3,000 kilograms but even less than 10,000 kilograms of the illegal substances. He had also traded at least $250,000 but not over $550,000 in the fake U.S. currency. The investigators had also observed the accused mailing packages that had been ordered from the Hook3d vendor alias on the 15th, 16th of September, 2020 and the 16th of November, 2020.

On the 17th of February this year, a search warrant had been issued for the accused’s residence, A search was conducted on the same day. While the search was ongoing, the law enforcement officers had located several prescription medications and packaging materials that had been consistent with those that the law enforcement agencies had received. All the packing materials and the prescriptions are directly linked to the controlled substances that people had purchased from the opioid vendor Hook3d. The law enforcement officials had also found legit U.S. currency valued to $177,920 aside from the fake dollar bills.

On the 12th of May 2021, the accused had pleaded guilty to the distribution of the narcotics and selling fake currencies. He also faces a maximum sentence of 20 years or 240 months behind bars. The sentencing has been scheduled to be on the 24th of August, 2021.

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