LE Blocked In New Jersey from Using Facial Recognition


New Jersey is no longer permitting the law enforcement in the state the use the biometric facial recognition app Clearview, which follows the algorithm that is used by the state attorney General Gurbir Grewal. AG had asked that if all law enforcement agencies in New Jersey have stopped using the Clearview technology until the authority reaches there and they get a better grip on the situation. This is what New Jersey attorney of general director Sharon Aluchaire. He had communicated through the request to the 21 country senators, asking for the access to share it with all the police departments and other law enforcement agencies within their respective territories.

The ACLU of New Jersey had appreciated the initiative primarily and has shown concerns about the facial recognition technology could lead to discrimination and falsification of people of a different color, creed, region, women, and non-binary people. He had further stated that he is deeply concerned that the whole system of facial recognition is dismantling Americans and their fundamental belief of nationality and humanity. Every American’s intention is that they want to move, assemble or appear in public without being identified by machines and cameras. As stated by the CEO of Clearview, Edward Markey, who wrote this in a letter to the officials.


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Markey has been asking Clearview about the security breaches and also to name the law enforcement agencies who have licensed ad made it possible to take place on the streets of America and the technology behind this. It I important to inform the people of the authority about the security breach and data scandals about employee access privileges. Markey also wants to understand the database that contains the biometric data of children aged less than 13. An investigation about the Clearview by a leading newspaper agency that the marketing pitch by its facial recognition to identify it as terrorism suspects.

The media has reported that the app can cross-match the submission photos against the database of 3 billion photos that have been collected from the open internet and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. As written by many famous news media houses, the news [paper report says, the Clearview has violated the policies of the organizations of its merged the policies of the organizations of its mergers and the associations it has collaborated with its automatic web scraping. This practice may have suggested that even they have violated the computer fraud and abuse act with unauthorized acts and access to user data. However, the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals ruled last year that it has automated the formation of acts that stop acts of abuse and discrimination and takes it away from face recognition in the laws of a federal court and its implementation.


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The New York based AI Company has utilized the databases to conjure up a facial recognition app that claims to be licensed by 600 law enforcement agencies. Few people from the civil liberties groups and the tech companies have been collectively having been asking for a federal law that has been made to protect the right to privacy and biometric data. Clearview AI this New York based company is facing a tough lawsuit lodged in the court of federal issues that has been for allegedly discriminating between Illinois’ biometric information privacy acts. It is good to see that there are a lot of efforts that are being taken care of managing the facial biometrics of Illinois residents without permission. Everyone has the right to live a private life without the interruption of the government.

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