SBU Seizes 53 Kilos of High Quality Cocaine


The SBU has seized high quality cocaine weighing 53.4 kilos from Pivdennyi Port of Odesa, Ukraine. The seizure has revealed quite a good amount of information on the packages and the drug peddlers. The smugglers from Ukraine had attempted to import the drug from one of the South American countries. The SBU officers have unearthed the first batch with the hard drug within the initiated criminal proceedings. The drug was found when the officers arranged a search of the containers with bananas in the seaport. In the legal cargo, 45 briquettes of the high quality cocaine were concealed.

The Quality of Cocaine Explained

The packaging of the high quality drugs have been clearly explained. As stated by the SBU, the quality of the drugs were confirmed through a specialized indication. The suppliers had marked the packages with their ‘label’ which is the image of a ‘Minion’. This indicates that the packages belonged to one of the South American drug syndicates.

Image: Kyiv

On describing the packages seized, SBU stated that each briquette was wrapped in lead packaging. This was done to deceive the drug detection when passed through a scanner. The approximate price of the seized high quality cocaine on the darknet markets tops UAH 200 million. This counts to USD 7.4 million.

How The Operation Shaped The Seizure

The investigation is still in progress to make sure all people involved in the drug smuggling are arrested. The sole intention is to identify them and bring before justice.

Image: SBU

The operation seems to be successful by far and intends to curb drug smuggling. The operation has been conducted by the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime. The operation was legally jointly supervised by Kyiv Local Prosecutor’s Office No.6, the SBU Office in Odesa region, the State Border Guard Service and the State Customs Service.

Source: SSU

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