Postal Police: Horrors Chat Discovery – Paedophilic Videos & Beheadings


The discovery of the “horrors chat” has shifted the idea of paedophilia to a new level after the postal police of Venice have found out individual media files. The media files unearthed lately consisted of very “strong” footages of children and photos of beheadings along with mutilations. Postal police say they are stunned and unaware of the reasons or what pathological degeneration might have attracted fans of the cruel and violent images.

They say that twenty minors between the age group 13 and 17 years might have exchanged the images of the pathetic violence and brutal content at this virtual meeting place, “horrors chat”.

The prosecutor of the Florentine minors coordinated the investigation. It rose from the complaint of a mother in Lucca who had discovered hard movies with children on her son’s cellphone who is just 15 years old. The phone also bore various other files from the dark web that included videos of mutilations, beheadings and suicides of both human and animals.

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The Tuscan postal police conducted the operation under the name “Dangerous Images”. The operation has been coordinated by Antonio Sangermano, who happens to lead the prosecutor’s office at the juvenile court in Florence. The offence hypotheses for which the competition is proceeding are disclosure, detention and transfer of the child pornographic materials, possession of the same and an instigation aggravating a criminal offence.

In a note, the investigators explain that the cellphone of the underaged under the “horrors chat” case, whose mother had asked the Lucchese postal police for help has revealed an excessive the number of child pornography and films emerged. They are also available in the forms of stickers, exchanged and sold by the underaged, unveiled to be the organizer and promoter of the criminal activities together with the various other minors via several instant messaging applications like Whatsapp and Telegram and social media.

The cellphone of the underaged also bore numerous “gore” files, the new frontier of illegal disclosure, videos and images from the dark web depicting mutilations, suicides, guts and beheadings of people, in some cases of animals owing to the “horrors chat” case.

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After over five months of the continuous investigation, the policemen have been successful in identifying the people who in multiple capacities would have held or exchanged the child pornographic materials; all minors were identified including the seven thirteen-year-olds.

Finally, the searches were then carried out by the postal police and as well as coordinated by the CNCPO (National Center against Online Child Pornography) – against minors residing in Pisa, Lucca, Cesena, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia, Ancona, Naples, Milan, Pavia, Lecce, Varese, Rome, Potenza and Vicenza. The irrefutable evidence has all been emerged from the seized mobile phones and computers.

The investigations are also continuing to verify the involvement of any other participating people.

Source: La Voce di Venezia

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