Empire Market: “NeverPressedRX” Confessed Firebombing & Drug Trafficking Plot


A Maryland man has been admitted running the “NeverPressedRX” vendor account on the Empire Market and conducting conspiracy to firebomb a pharmacy in Nebraska.

The accused named William Burgamy, 32 years old, of Hanover, Maryland, has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy for distributing controlled substances; committing money laundering by concealing and disguising the nature of the proceeds of specified illegal activity; conspiracy to possess firearms during a conspiracy for distributing controlled substances; and conspiracy to utilize explosives to commit the conspiracy for distributing controlled substances.

Earlier during the start of this year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified accused Burgamy as the vendor of the Empire Market under the pseudonym “NeverPressedRX.” Through the identified NeverPressedRX account on Empire Market, Burgamy had distributed a variety of controlled substances including Adderall, diazepam, hydrocodone, oxycodone, tramadol and Xanax. Investigators wrote that Burgamy had sold at least 19,000 dosage units of the controlled substances. The weight of all those drugs, as stated by the court documents, is over 700 kilograms. During the investigation into Burgamy, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has also identified the supplier of the pharmaceuticals distributed via the NeverPressedRX moniker. Hyrum Wilson, 41 years of age, from Auburn, Nebraska, has supplied Burgamy with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prescription medication. Wilson also ran a pharmacy in Auburn called “Hyrum’s Family Value Pharmacy”.

After Burgamy was arrested in April 2020, the FBI uncovered an operation named “Operation Firewood.” The operation was a plan made by Wilson and Burgamy duo to firebomb a rival pharmacy in Nebraska named “Cody’s U-Save Pharmacy”.

Burgamy has sold multiple batches of drugs through the NeverPressedRX account that Wilson regularly hit his supplier’s limits on prescription medications. Wilson believed that destroying his competition would probably “quadruple his business” and thereby quadruple the prescriptions he could divert anyways to Burgamy. Wilson regularly warned Burgamy of the limitations that had been set by his distributor.

As an example, in January 2020, Wilson had sent Burgamy the following message:

My wholesaler looks at my volume and determines how much oxy I can order every 30 days. Right now my limit is about 60,000 mg per month, so if he [referring to BURGAMY’s alleged firebomb partner] wants 1000 of the 30mg that’s 50% of my allotment right there. But, if I get all the pharmacy business, they’ll bump my allotment up to 250k mg or so, which means I can order 1000 of the 30s every month and still have enough room left over for my legitimate patients.

In the court, Wilson had described Operation Firewood when he was asked for an explanation in his own words.

He said, “Mr. Burgamy and I came up with a plan in which he would light a competing pharmacy on fire to drive business to my pharmacy.” 

Wilson told Burgamy that he would stop providing him with all of the prescriptions unless Burgamy destroyed the rival pharmacy.

The FBI arrested Burgamy before he had an opportunity to execute his plan. Nevertheless, Burgamy had taken steps to prepare for the firebombing and had fully committed himself to the plan. He wrote that he had planned on firebombing the rival pharmacy as soon as the government lifted the coronavirus restrictions.

The prosecutors have compiled a list of the steps Burgamy had taken in advancement of Operation Firewood.

What Did Burgamy Do?

He has:

  • Crafted the blueprints and details of the attack plot. He has included how he planned to obliterate Cody’s U-Save Pharmacy;
  • Recruited another individual to take part in the attack, agreed to bring that individual to a shooting range for practice before the operation is to be attempted, and instructed that individual to get measured for a plate carrier so that Burgamy could get body armour for their collective use;
  • Emphasized to Wilson that he would never surrender to the law enforcement and that if anyone showed up during the firebombing, he would “blast [his] fucking way out,” and that he would shoot bullets at anyone who even attempted to confront or apprehend him. This includes the owner of Cody’s U-Save Pharmacy as well;
  • Assured Wilson that if anything happened to him, he would take care of Wilson’s “family and bills” and hoped Wilson would do the same if Burgamy was killed during the attack;
  • asked Wilson to keep on mailing him prescription drugs, including the opioids, that would be sold to an individual who Burgamy had stated was prepared to help conduct the attack along with him;
  • Instructed Wilson to create a “getaway” map and escape routes, which Wilson had sent through the encrypted channels for Burgamy’s use to help him evade law enforcement detection after the attack;
  • Informed Wilson that he had stocked up a cache of firearms and all of the necessary equipment that would be necessary to conduct the attack;
  • Assured Wilson that the attack would happen and stated,

“You know I’ll take care of it” and “You’ll be a sole pharmacy, you got my word;” 

  • Instructed Wilson to keep his life insurance policy information in a safe place in the event in case Burgamy was killed during the firebomb attack.

During a search of the Empire Market vendor’s house, the law enforcement recovered two AR-15s, one FN SCAR 17S, one Remington 870, one Kel-tec KSG, a Glock 19, an H&K VP9, and a Sig P365.

Burgamy’s drug trafficking operation had grossed nearly one million dollars, as per the prosecutor Raj Parekh. Burgamy has agreed to forfeit $300,000. The official calculation of Burgamy’s profits has not been released yet.

Both Burgamy and Wilson have pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances; committing money laundering by concealing and disguising the nature; and conspiracy to utilize explosives to commit the conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Only Burgamy has pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to possess firearms during a conspiracy for distributing controlled substances charge.

“All I know is the feds don’t charge unless their shit sticks,” Burgamy wrote in a message to Wilson.

Source: Darknetlive

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