Drug Crimes: Minnesota Man Sentenced Five Years Of Probation


A man from Austin, Minnesota, has been ordered five years on probation as he admitted drug crimes. He had purchased several drugs on the dark web. The accused has been identified as Levi Willis Wollschlager aged 22 years. He had also been fined $300 in connection to a case involving drug crimes. He also had an illegal firearm in possession.

In October 2019, the accused had been arrested following a search in his residence. The cops had discovered several dark web drugs and firearms that included:

  • $1,947 in cash;
  • 3.95 grams of MDMA (a schedule I hallucinogen);
  • 55 capsules containing MDMA.
  • 9.5 alprazolam pills (a schedule IV controlled substance);
  • A jar having 295.5 grams of marijuana;
  • Approximately 500 rounds of pistol ammunition;
  • Benelli 12-gauge shotgun with partially removed serial number;
  • Remington 12-gauge shotgun;
  • Smith & Wesson .40 calibre pistol;
  • Taurus .38 Special pistol;
  • Taurus 9mm pistol;

While the police were conducting the search at his residence, they had discovered a bag bearing $794 in cash, 82 alprazolam pills and 370.5 grams of marijuana. The accused had informed the police that the bag and its contents did not belong to him but Abraham Dario Cervantes-Paz, an Austin resident aged 20 years. 

Abraham was already in the Mower County jail sentenced for a probation violation in relation to a violent assault. He had been charged with two counts of the felony of fifth-degree drug possession for drug crimes.

Image: DarknetLive

The accused Levi ha admitted of buying drugs on the dark web. He admitted that he had been selling alprazolam and MDMA. The law enforcement authorities have charged him with:

  • felony possession of a firearm with an altered serial number;
  • fourth-degree drug possession of 10 or more dosage units of hallucinogen;
  • three counts of felony fifth-degree drug possession;
  • the user of a controlled substance and in possession of firearm ammunition.
  • The user of a controlled substance in possession of firearms.

During a hearing at the Mower County District Court, Cervantez-Paz had pleaded guilty to the drug possession in the fifth degree in exchange for a non-custodial sentence. The court had sentenced him five years of probation in exchange for a non-custodial sentence.

Recently, at the same court, Levi had been convicted of being a rigorous user of drugs and possessing firearms. He had received an adjudication on a drug possession charge of fifth-degree. The court has ordered Levi to spend the next five years on probation for the drug crimes and clear a fine of $300.

Source: DarknetLive

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