Dating Scams Take over Globally This Valentine’s Day

dating scams

Scams can cause you not only devastation for a person financially, but they can also have and a long term effect on your physical and mental health. And all this can come up with an emotional impact too, these kind of dating scams are spreading its wings everywhere globally. As Valentine’s Day approaches, one man has exposed how he had been fooled, and the amount of money extorted from him was £5,000 amid his pursuit for love and other relationships. Online dating platforms have made its way in which many of different nationalities and different people seek for likeminded people whom they might like and have few things in common preferably, and in very few cases people find their love.


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Unfortunately, however, not everyone is looking for chances for striking up a romance. It can be often seen that some scammers function on online platforms with the intent to singles out of their hard-earned money. The hidden activity of trapping someone into a relation by the means of a fraudulent algorithmic persona is technically known as catfishing. Research has shown that loneliness around Valentine’s Day makes people 52 percent more receptive to fraudulent catfishing activities.

A survey had been conducted by cybersecurity company called ESET, of more than 2,000 people across the borders of UK had been found that only 29 percent of people said they have carried forward the basic background checks on the people who are pretty active and the people whom they talk to on those dating sites to search for the traces of dating scam. This has the backdrop to less than one in five (18 percent) of over 55s have described that they conduct the background searches. One man, who person been had selected to be anonymous but instead of sharing his reassert report under the initials “OC” “had fallen victims to the hands of a dating scam just in the last year. The HR Director personnel working for a massive chain of hotels that is of age 37 had met a woman on a dating site and she seemed very nice. They had struck up a relationship over a lot of time and they planned to meet up, as he said. OC, who used to live in London, had started speaking to the fellow digital dater via phone calls and video calls almost daily talking about their lives and families. As she used to live in Scotland, it had become very difficult but the person always believed that they could not meet up. This man after few months had bought a train ticket to visit her to Scotland.

Few days or so before the man was supposed to go she had got in touch with the man to plead for a large amount of money, to pay off some money to the lenders she owed a lot of money to otherwise they can attack her and she is not safe in that condition. OC had transferred the money to her account. That is the point after which she stopped contacting. Since it was a dating scam the man could never hear from her as he recalled. Before that, they used to be in constant touch and regular messages and calls. The number when OC tried it was switched off. After a day or two, OC realized that he had been fooled.


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OC had been foolish and agreed and once he coughed up the money she had completely cut off every type and mode of communication as he has described. Jake Moore who is one of the most famous Cybersecurity Specialists at ESET has stated that it is not good to see so many threat actors taking the chances on the vulnerabilities of all these lonely people and their loneliness and dependence on online platforms to look for a partner as we approach around Valentine’s Day. When the sensitive emotions are at play the people lose all senses of practicality and often lose focus of what they need to do to keep themselves safe online and take some basic precautions, and so they can easily fall victims to the hands of these online scammers who pose as to be a person that they’re not actually.

He has also added that, if someone you’ve never met in real life asks of you for money, you should start taking the alarm right there, immediately. Scammers have been lurking, so it is good to be cautious of what data you share and anytime an interest strike you, should not always give in without thinking, especially is they are someone you’ve never seen in person asks for money, it’s obviously more than likely as a dating scam. More than $28.6m was stolen from these lonely Aussies in dating scams since last year. Dating scam, which is made up of one-fifth of all the monetary loss that has been reported to Scamwatch in 2019, as per the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, which found women were the biggest victims of online scamming games.

The average loss of people was more than $19,000, but ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard had a lot more to say in her reports. More than 4,000 online dating and romance scams had been reported in the year 2019 itself, with more than one in three victims who made sure that they succeed in coughing up money from the other person or the victim. Women have reported the highest total losses of $21.5 million. With the mushrooming of these dating websites, there is an eminent rise in online dating scams. Scammers can create counterfeit profiles, and they can build relationships with others through these dating sites, and try to steal their money and move from the victim’s lives.

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