How Australian Cops Found Darknet Meth In A Stuffed Llama


An Australian man had been charged in the Perth Magistrates Court for trying to import methamphetamine, commonly known as Meth, hidden in a stuffed llama toy. In the darknet meth supply process, the Australian border cops guessed that there is something very suspicious about the children’s stuff toy.

In the bid to get past the Australian law enforcement officer, ancient “hide-your-meth-in-a-stuffed-llama” may not be effective at all. However, the accused had been identified as a man from Dianella of Western Australia aged 25 years. He had been arrested for importing over 270 grams of Meth from the United States. It is shocking to state that the methamphetamine bore a value of $276,000.

The investigation on the darknet meth leading to the suspect’s arrest had begun on the 3rd of January, 2021. The investigation started following the interception of a suspicious package at the New South Wales mail facility. The Australian Border Police (ABP) had intercepted the darknet meth package. The parcel resembling a Christmas Gift had been transported from the United States.

The officers had allegedly found a stuffed llama toy as they opened the package. On further inspecting the package, the officers had discovered white crystalline substance carefully stuffed inside the toy llama. The field test of the white powder had been positive for methamphetamine.

Image: The West Australian

ABF Superintendent Fleming said:

“ABF officers are highly trained and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to protect the Australian community from threats like illegal drugs. Our officers are stationed at every international port across Australia, they are experts at intercepting illicit drugs no matter the size of the concealment or where criminals attempt to hide them, this detection is yet another example of their great work.”

The ABF handed over the package and the case to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to conduct further investigation. The AFP officers had replaced the darknet meth with an inert substance before they made a controlled delivery to the residence of the recipient back on the 12th of January, 2021.

The package’s delivery had led the cops to a man at the recipient address who had collected the dark web drug package and brought it into his home. The AFP officers had executed a search warrant at the suspect’s residence. To their utmost surprise, the recipient had burnt the received package contents in an outdoor fireplace. Still, the officers had arrested the 25-years-old man in an attempt to possess a marketable quantity of darknet meth.

Source: DarknetLive

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