How to Get Criminal Activity Coverage on The Darknet?


Users of darknet marketplaces lose millions of dollars due to criminal acts like exit-scams, drugs seizures and other incidents of force majeure. The newly launched service Dr.Kox offers criminal activity coverage or dark web insurance that promises to cover financial damages on undelivered orders, arrests, exit scams etc.

How to Use Dr.Kox – Dark Web Insurance?

Download Tor and run a premium VPN. Then visit the website on Tor. First of all, you must open an account on the Dr.Kox crime insurance website. Click on the button “Sign up” and choose a price plan: 

  1. Thug (for buyers); 
  2. Criminal (for darknet vendors); 
  3. Business (for shops and markets owners); 
  4. Enterprise (for bosses of large-scale stores and marketplaces).


Then fill in the form and select the “Sign up” option. Upon completion of the registration, you’ll have to make the first payment within seven days to activate your account. Otherwise, it’ll get suspended. Dr.Kox accepts deposits in Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Open the user panel to get access to your crypto wallet, add a PGP key (can be used to recover password) and XMPP/Jabber address to receive notifications. You are done with the criminal policy.

What Risks Are Covered Through Dark Web Insurance?

  • Undelivered Orders

Dr.Kox pays both vendors and buyers compensation for lost mail packages with a tracking number. A user should submit a claim within 36 hours since the packet’s disappearance and prove that he’s sent or purchased it. In case valid evidence is provided, the platform will refund 70% of the packet’s worth. However, the maximum payout depends on the type of criminal activity coverage and amounts to $1,850.

  • Drug Possession and Use Penalties

If you are fined for drug possession or use owing to illegal acts, Dr.Kox will provide criminal activity coverage of 60% of the penalty. To get a reimburse, a client must describe what has happened and send photos of all related documents containing personal data. Furthermore, if the demand looks suspicious, the company staff have the right to check a valid ID document. Users who bought the “Thug” plan can receive up to $55, owners of the “Criminal” insurance– $100, Business – $300, Enterprise – $1,300.

  • Arrests

The platform covers 60% of legal expenses, which include lawyers wage and fines. Only known admins and other staff members of dark web marketplaces are allowed to take advantage of this service. In case police officers bust a DNM employee, he has to submit a claim within a month and to upload all required documents to get financial aid. The upper limit of a payout is $10,000.

  • Fare-Dodging Fines

Dr.Kox insures people who ride stowaways save money on public transport. If a person is fined for fare-dodging, he can get a refund equivalent to 60% of the penalty amount, but no more than $600. To prove a claim and get darknet insurance, a user should send fine documents and provide a picture of ID on demand. 

  • Exit-Scams

The service compensates for the losses caused by exit-scam of the trusted dark web marketplaces under the cybercrime coverage, which currently include three DNMs: 

  1. The White House Market
  2. The Monopoly Market
  3. The Yellow Brick Market.

A client must provide data on his wallet balance to receive a refund against the dark web liability insurance at the rate of 70% of a lost deposit. The maximum payout limit is $10,000. When a market commits an exit-scam, it goes offline. Thus buyers and darknet vendors don’t have access to their wallets and can’t prove that they’ve had crypto. To avoid this problem, Dr.Kox recommends linking an account opened on a marketplace. In this case, the platform will automatically obtain information about the customer’s balance every 24 hours.


How to Get Darknet Insurance Payoff?

In case of criminal activity coverage event occurrence, a client ought to claim the darknet insurance via the control panel. If the request is approved, Dr.Kox will cover losses in accordance with the user’s trust level and the tariff plan. Citizens of western countries can get a refund in cash delivered by mail in case the payoff amount exceeds $100. The exact list of supported nations isn’t disclosed because of security reasons. If the platform can’t ship the crime coverage to a specific state or the payment amount is below $100, the company will send funds to a Bitcoin or Monero address.

Additional Services

Owners of Business and Enterprise accounts can order a penetration test for dark web security. It is executed by a skilful expert and intended to improve the security of customer’s digital platforms. Upon test completion, a specialist makes a vulnerability report and a list of recommendations on how to minimize risks and provide fraud insurance.

All Dr.Kox clients can schedule a consulting session with a professional. Experts help set up vendor accounts on DNMs, mitigate financial and security risks. They also advise on how to safely ship drugs and receive them and assist in resolving disputes opened on different darknet marketplaces.

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.



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