The Harsh Reality of Dark Web Red Rooms


The Creepiest Dark Web Red Rooms: Red Room in Dark Web is one of the most intriguing topics in the whole genre of the dark web. Every other people who visit the darknet sites at least for once has thought of encountering with such a matter. But unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky (or unlucky maybe). There are stories all over the internet regarding them, but the situation seems somewhat dicey. Here, we will put up the real side of the “Red Rooms”. If you are hearing the term for the very first time, then this is what you would ever need in your life.

What Is A Red Room?

The Red Room, as the name suggests, is also known to be the “room of pain” or the “room of horror” where brutality prevails like anything. These are virtual rooms in the darknet that gets exposure through various websites in the onion directory. As they are located on the dark web, you can access them through their tor links using a premium VPN and the tor browser. The term “red room” has been floating on the internet for over a decade, and it is thought to have originated from ‘red rum’/’murder’ or probably from 1983 horror movie named “Videodrome” that show torture on satellite TV conducted in a room painted in red.

Coming on to the content of the dark red rooms, they feature torture, assassinations, murders, rapes, mutilations and a lot more. There are even dark web live murder sites where people are tortured and killed ruthlessly in live-streaming videos.

People literally washes out tens of thousands money in order to view these murder video streaming. All the transactions are done via the cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. What is more to it? Well, people out there can view their demanded torture (torture on request) in these dark web horror sites. And for that the amount spikes like anything.

Another thing is known is that the dark web links to the murder video streaming websites do not generally open in the tor browser or takes up a lot of time even if they open somehow. This is, as a matter of fact, is that the browser tor is usually a slow browser and takes time to load pages. Although tor’s speed has increased with time, yet it is still not ready for videos and live streaming.

Red Room Darknet: The Debate

The red room links deep web is indeed a debatable topic and an unsolved mystery. While there are incidences stating the existence of them, there are contradictions as well. There are cases as that of Peter Scully, a paedophile who is currently facing trial in the Philippines. Users of a paedophilic website have allegedly paid up to $10,000 in the bid to watch the brutal videos of the abuse and torture of a young child, where a series of videos have been produced by Peter Scully’s company named “No Limits Fun”.

The video series was named “Daisy’s Destruction” and widely discussed on various forums and Reddit. The video was streamed on Hurtcore paedophilic websites where the paedophiles watch the torture and abuse of babies and children. Another site in this context has been unearthed named “Hurt 2 The Core” that hosted the torture videos and allowed 15,000 video download on a daily basis. The paedophiles who had uploaded their own material has gained access to a Producer’s Lounge having the most offensive material.

Here is an interview that will give you an insight into what actually goes on in the red rooms and what are the experiences.

The red rooms deep web existence has also been supported by a post to the Dark Web site “Anonymous Confessions.” Another website named 4chan, a website on the public web, had persuaded a user to cut off his toe. If this is what prevails, there isn’t any doubt on what red room stories have been rotating. There are even forums that trade accounts of various “so-called” dark web red rooms.

Existence of red rooms are still a mystery and has not got proper closure. The search for the red rooms is still ongoing. At the same time, it is a bit difficult to find out the red room links as they are illegal to list out anywhere owing to the brutality and mental retardedness spiking influencing people into several crimes. We hope to come to a stopping point on its existence confirmation soon.