Dark Web Kidnapping: 7-Year-Old Russian Boy Rescued After 52 Days


A seven-year-old Russian boy has finally been rescued after a horrific alleged dark web kidnapping. The boy had been spotted on the dark web. The victim named Savely Rogovtsev was feared to have been murdered after he had vanished from his home.

The Western Intelligence web investigators had done a commendable job as Savely has been reunited with his overjoyed parents. His rescue had been termed as a ‘miracle’ discovery.

The Interpol had tipped off the Russian cops that a website on the dark web had revealed that the boy was with his abductor approximately 14 miles away from his home. He had gone missing in late September this year.

The tip source of the dark web kidnapping case is believed to be an unnamed international intelligence bureau that had been scouring hidden areas of the internet, the darknet, that the criminals use most frequently.

Police have lately detained a 26-year-old man who had allegedly abducted Savely by taking him into a car. But so far, the identity, along with other details of the abductor, had not been revealed. 

The child under the dark web kidnapping case is now receiving “strong psychological help”, as revealed by the cops.

After Savely had suddenly disappeared back in September, a massive search that involved the police, army and volunteers had been unsuccessful in locating him.

The boy’s father Alexander Rogovtsev, 47, told REN-TV: “He was thrilled to see his mother. He hugged and kissed her. We are overwhelmed with feelings…”

“It is an explosion of emotion and relief that the ordeal is over. Finally he is found.”

He added: “We have just left the doctors and he is healthy, he has not lost weight.”

“He is a normal child. He threw himself around our necks, sat on our laps, a happy child.”

“We always believed that we would find him.”

Image: Daily Mail

Savely had gone missing 52 days earlier after getting off his school bus in Gorki village of Vladimir region.

Alexander added: “My son said the man pushed him into his car.

“He has been detained already. We do not know where he kept our son.”

Regional children’s ombudsman Gennady Prokhorichev said: “This is a miracle. Thank God it is a story with a happy ending.”

He had admonished the parents of the victim that they had not escorted the boy to and from the school bus. 

He added: “This is a lesson for us all.”

Savely is the youngest of four children, and now he needs “strong psychological help, according to Gennady.

“For a month and a half (52 days) he was kept in a strange house by a man for some reason – he was separated from his family.”

“Now we need to work with the child. He needs the love of his family.”

Colonel Irina Volk, an employee of the Russian Interior Ministry, said that the tip about the boy under the dark web kidnapping case had been received “from international colleagues via the Interpol channels”.

Irina mentioned that the boy’s whereabouts had become clear from “publications appearing in the shadow segment of the Internet. He was rescued from the village of Makarikha, also Vladimir region.

The man (abductor) aged 26 “had been detained on suspicion of the dark web kidnapping case” by police with military support from the Russian National Guard.

“The wanted boy was found in his private house,” she said.

Source: Mirror

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