In-Depth Dark Web Hyper Market Review


Hyper Market is a brand new dark web marketplace that has surfaced the Tor network in April 2020 and was operational from the 1st of May, 2020. It is a security-driven market and has a lot of features that the vendors and the buyers can easily count on. It has a straightforward user interface and lists diverse products. In this Hyper Market Review article, we will discuss in-depth the functions, products and related information to help you know the market better. You can easily access the market from the Darknet Hyper Market Link.

We will definitely discuss more on the design and interface, features, accessing the market and the products available on the Deep Web Hyper Market. But before we do so, we would like to put out a necessary disclaimer. The Dark Web Hyper Market Review is solely put out having intentions to educate peers and is just for the informational and non-technical purpose. All the readers and users of the Hyper Market is hereby recommended for sticking to stringent security parameters to be safe and not get scammed whatsoever.

Design & Interface of Darknet Hyper Market

The Hyper Market has been designed to perform similar to the other darknet markets on the onion directory. One of the key elements that differentiate this market from the rest is its unique and clean design. The UI has a very simplistic yet modern touch to it, which is obviously what an ideal marketplace must possess. However, there is some provision for improvement for the better experience on the front-end.

Owing to the most uncomplicated and clean design, it is very much more comfortable for anyone to navigate. On the home page of the dark web Hyper Market, at the left, it displays the category bar, which is clickable. On clicking on each of the categories, it opens the listings on the category, and the sub-categories are visible under the main category bar.

Finding your dashboard is pretty more effortless. This is because, on the top ribbon of the darknet Hypermarket, you can locate in a red button that contains the word “Dashboard” preceded by your username. Furthermore, the dashboard is fully furnished with all your required details such as notifications, your orders, messages, favourites, PGP Key, Tickets, Settings, “Become A Vendor”, Referral/Invite Code, Fiat Currency Selection and Payout Address.


The market’s home page also displays the top vendors and the rising vendors, along with their level of experience. Each product/item listed in the website of the dark web Hypermarket is furnished with name of the vendor along with his level of experience, price of the product in dollars, the number of an item available, how many of the same items have been sold, cryptocurrency accepted for the item and from where the item will be shipped.


The Hyper Market boasts of a fascinating set of features. Some of these features might be unusual with the other darknet markets. Below are the features that you can enjoy if you are a user of the marketplace:

  • It supports escrow payment system and in fact, insists the buyers transact through the system to be safe.
  • It supports multi-signature or multi-sig transactions.
  • The marketplace forces the Two-Factor Authentication or 2-FA login. 
  • PGP support on the marketplace is noticeable that helps in encrypting the messages sent and received on both the buyers’ and sellers’ end.
  • The Hyper Market is a wallet-less dark web drug market.
  • It accepts transactions using both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR), implementing more anonymity.
  • It does not support Finalize Early (FE) owing to extra scam protection. But one can opt for FE and enable it on their own choice.
  • The message logs (sent and received messages) on the market are not stored for more than 30 days. This means that after every 30 days, the message logs are automatically wiped out.
  • The deposit and withdrawal logs are also wiped out from the server database after every ten days. 
  • The marketplace maintains highest security measures and is known to be one of the best security-driven markets in the Tor network.
  • Referrals are supported on the market, and thus for each account created, the account is furnished with a unique Invite Code.
  • One can opt to become a vendor in the Dark Web Hyper Market. Each vendor will have their respective vendor levels starting from level 1 and increases with positive feedbacks and vendor experience.
  • Additionally, you can go for the “Bug Bounty” program following their guidelines.

Products Sold Under The Dark Web Hyper Market

The Hyper Market darknet bears diverse product listings, making it one of the most reached out markets in the dark web link. The total product listings at the time of writing are 1193. The products are listed under eight key categories, such as:

  • Digital Products (131 listings)
  • Carded Products (53 listings)
  • Fraud (189 listings)
  • Services (63 listings)
  • Guides & Tutorials (103 listings)
  • Drugs (395 listings)
  • Counterfeit (59 listings)
  • Others (17 listings)

Digital Products

Under the digital products category, you can find PayPal account, Hacker for Hire, Credit Card/Debit Card/Prepaid card, Gift Cards, authentic passports, ID cards, drivers license and much more. It also lists e-books, softwares, games and keys.


Carded Products

The carded product category comprises of clothing, electronics, digital items and other related listings.


The fraud section is pretty intriguing. It is composed of accounts of social media, CVV & cards, Data Dumps, Scans & Documents and other related products.


The dark web link offers a couple of services like carding & drops, hacking, programming, special request services and a lot more.

Guides & Tutorials

If you are looking for the best guides and tutorials, then there is nothing better place than the Hyper Market New Deep Web Market. It furnishes you with the best collection of the guides and tutorials of all varieties including OpSEC, Fraud, drugs and more that would undoubtedly be your helping hand.


Would you like to buy drugs from the darknet? Well, the dark web marketplace has a vast collection of drugs from almost all varieties. It includes psychedelics, Benzos, Cannabis (Weed/Marijuana), Haze, Kush, Hash, Dissociatives, Adderall, Xanax, Diazepam, Oxycodone, Ecstasy, Opioids, Prescription Drugs, Steroids, Stimulants and other varieties as well. All the drugs are of top quality and pure by all means.



Under this category, you would be able to find clothing website details, electronics, jewellery, money or counterfeit notes, IDs and documents along with several other related products.

Accessing Deep Web Hyper Market Link

Are you much curious to know how you can access the Hyper Market Onion Link? Well, the procedure is pretty simple. But, before you start with the market, you have to download the Tor browser and run a premium VPN simultaneously.

After this, head to the address bar of the Tor browser, type the Hyper Market .Onion URL


After this, you would land on the homepage of the market.


Ideally, there would not be an issue with the given Darknet Hyper Market Link. But unfortunately, if any problem occurs, you can visit them through the Hyper Market Mirror Link or the Hyper Market Alternative Links, which is:


The new users would need to register first, and the returning ones have to log in. While registering for the first time, you would be provided with a “Mnemonic” that you need to note down somewhere. This would help you if you forget your password or have an issue with your account.

Some Common FAQs/Notes On The Hyper Market

Ordering & Payment

  • Per order requires 15 minutes.
  • No darknet vendors can buy products from the marketplace. They can only sell their listings.
  • You need to open a support ticket in case of any issue. Also, furnish your ticket with order ID, wallet address and selected coins. All disputes take 1 hour to 1 day for getting resolved.
  • Review the vendor ratings, their registered time and trust rating before ordering any stuff.
  • Vendors need to wait for 20 days to finalize with an option of 7 to extend.
  • The minimum purchase value must be $5.
  • Using Monero is best, else bitcoin transactions can also be made.
  • Three confirmations are required before the order proceeds.
  • Multisignature is the best way to transact.

Bug Bounty

A decent amount is offered for the bug bounty. But you need to inform the market admins via a ticket regarding your findings. More details are provided below:



  • “Become A Vendor” tab is located inside your dashboard on the left bottom.
  • Maximum 6 clones are allowed per product. Else the product will get flagged.
  • Rule violation would disable your product.
  • You can revoke from vendorship anytime. Contact the market admin via raising a ticket.
  • The vendor bond currently is $150.
  • The current commission rate is 2%.
  • You cannot list products that are “Prohibited from Vending” on the Hyper Market onion link.



The miscellaneous listed in the secure darknet marketplace is as follows:


Hyper Market At A Glance

With this, we come to the end of the Hyper Market Review article. You are now ready to access the dark web market.

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.


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