Dark Web Hook Up: Alleged Provo Man Arrested


A man from Provo has lately been arrested following his alleged arrangement to meet a person under dark web hook up strategy who he believed to be a 13-year-old teen girl from Lehi. A probable Utah County cause statement mentioned that the accused named Alexis Misael Ziga aged 29 years is facing a couple of charges put against him. The charges that the accused is booked for are:

  • Enticing a minor (teen) via internet or text (A second-degree felony)
  • Causing or attempting sexual exploitation of a child (A second-degree felony)
  • Tampering the evidence (A “class A” misdemeanour)

On the 29th of October 2020, the accused had allegedly engaged in an online conversation on a renowned social media application with a “so stated” 13-year-old girl for dark web hook up. On the contrary, it was an undercover agent who was conversing with the alleged accused, as the statement said.

“During the discussion, Alexis discussed ‘hooking up’ and talked about the victim’s sexual experiences,” the statement said. “Alexis asked about when dad would be home and told the victim that he ‘won’t do anything that hurts’ and will ‘stop when it does’ or ‘if it does.’ He also promised to use a condom.”

The FBI Child Exploitation Task Force had arrested the accused after he drove to the meeting location as fixed on the conversation through the dark web hook up strategy.

Investigators interviewed him after he waived his right to counsel and he told investigators that “he thought he made a mistake but wasn’t planning to actually meet the girl and that he just wanted to see if she was there or if it was a trap and when he saw cars he believed to be unmarked police officers he tried to leave the area,” the statement said.

As the cops pulled him over, he mentioned that he had already deleted the app that he had used to establish a conversation with the teenage victim, cites the statement.

While the interview was going on, the accused had allegedly admitted that he sought out pornographic images from several underaged girls on a dark web browser. He had also stated that he searched for all of these pictures three to four times and at times would see what he described as a thumbnail or even minor’s smaller pornographic images (CP). He had estimated the age of the minor to be somewhere around 15 years and revealed that there were links stating 12-14 and similar others. The accused had said that he also attempted to click on the images, but they did not open while he tried for multiple times in order to open the files in the bid to see larger pictures.

The accused was transported to the Utah County jail where he is now being held without bail.

Source: Gephardt Daily

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