Dark Web Drug Sites Seized: Kent Police & ERSOU In Action


The law enforcement agencies have taken down two dark web drug sites off the Tor network. The alleged marketplaces used to send narcotics to homes across the UK via the post. The international law enforcement operation had been led by ERSOU or Eastern Region Special Operations Unit. 

ERSOU is a LE authorities team that includes the Kent Police officers, who had linked the dark web drug sites to a group named “Weedzy”. Last week, all the servers hosting the marketplaces were seized. The markets were believed to have been used for selling massive amounts of Class B drugs where it includes Cannabis as well. These drugs were sent to clients across the country.

The users of the alleged dark web drug sites used to access the websites on the dark web, which is known as a part of the internet that favors trading illegal items through anonymous browsers. The users used to buy drugs from these marketplaces using either credit cards or the most common cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC)

Last April, when a package was intercepted on its way to an address in Cambridgeshire, the enterprise began to clear up. At that time, an investigation was launched by the Dark Web Intelligence, Collection and Exploitation team (DICE) of ERSOU.

The seized servers of both the darknet marketplaces have been taken offline. The investigators stated that they will now work through the servers to collect crucial data held in them. However, the servers are often kept at various third-party locations that are not linked to the activities they are being utilized to facilitate. The dealers’ users sold a range of drugs through dark web drug sites.

As of now, no arrests have been made, but the investigators are actively involved in a number of progressive inquiry lines both abroad and in the UK. 

Detective Inspector Ian Kirby, from ERSOU’s Cyber Crime Unit, said: “The sites involved operated in a very similar way to a typical shopping website – even to the extent that they offered discounts for bulk orders. Their removal is a huge step in stopping the illegal operations of this group and follows months of work both in the UK and by colleagues abroad.

“Our teams work tirelessly to tackle online marketplaces such as these, both on the clear net and dark web, to ensure illegal goods don’t make it into our communities and, through our dedicated dark web capability, specialist investigators will continue to investigate any sites selling illicit items and those individuals behind them.

“There’s no doubt that those involved in this group have made significant sums of money and we are progressing a number of lines of enquiry relating to those concerned.”

ERSOU takes care of severe organized crime as well as terrorism across the East and the South of England. 

Source: Kent Online

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