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The Dark Web Links list comprises of a list of legal and illegal Dark Web Websites available on the Dark Web or the Darknet. The list is so curated that the links contained in the list are individually verified by us enabling you to access the working or the active Deep Web Sites Links / onion URLs of Hidden Wiki Links. You will be able to know the categories of the links from the category section of the Dark Web Websites mentioned against each link in the list.

It is a fact and cannot be overlooked that millions of users access the legal and illegal websites on the internet daily through a special browser meant for this purpose, the one and only TOR browser. But a very limited population actually knows about the Dark Web. Before proceeding much further, it is better to introduce you to the term Dark Web briefly.

Brief Introduction to Dark Web

The Dark Web is the most secure and the darkest location of the internet that usually remains outside the reach of the common people. The Darkweb counts in a number of illegal activities like illegal transaction of databases, organs, virus, drugs, weapons, counterfeit, gadgets, hosting, funds transfer and even more without the involvement of tax fee. The Dark Web enables the users to purchase and sell all of these using crypto-currencies such as the Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Monero (XMR) etc.

If you are a novice in the field and want to explore more about the Dark Web or the Deep Web Links, you need to take required measures before you can actually access the Deep Web Directories. The reason behind this is that maximum of the things that are included in the Dark Web are illegal and you can get trapped or tracked anytime if you do not prepare your workstation with the required precautions. You can also checkout our beginner’s guide for a more detailed information.

How To Access The Deep Web?

The deep web consists of a significant part of the hidden internet. The darkweb is just a fraction of the deep web. People tend to confuse the dark web with the deep web and use the terms interchangeably. This is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons why the dark web deep web is often misinterpreted. Unlike the dark web, the deep web does not support illegal activities. The deep web is meant to hide the crucial information, documents, and databases of the governmental and the non-governmental organizations. Along with this, various research papers and rare books are also found on the deep web iceberg portion.

Similar to the dark web, the deep web is accessed via the Tor and I2P browsers. If an individual does not possess the specific deep web links of the deep web websites that he or she wants to access, then the individual will not be able to access them whatsoever.


After you have the address to all the deep web sites and Hidden Wiki Links, you have to download the browser to surf them, say, for example, Tor browser. For that, you need to visit the tor project Dark Web Websites and download the browser that is compatible with your device. Next, you have to purchase a premium VPN and run both of them at the same time. In the address bar of the tor browser you have downloaded, enter the deep web link and press enter. You will land into the required deep web website. Always cross-check the darkweb links before you enter as some links could lead you to phishing attacks.

Approved Measures Before Entering The Deep Web Links and Dark Web Websites

As already discussed, the Dark Web involves a lot of risk apart from being the most useful source of information that remains out of the grip of the common people. To avoid such risks, you need to follow some important steps before engaging in the Darkweb arena. Below mentioned are some of the important links specially listed out for your risk free surfing:

  • You need to close all the running applications such as any software that you use for official or even personal purpose.
  • You should detach, unplug, and turn off all sorts of external devices from your workstation such as the headphone, camera, USB, external hard drives, printers and more related stuffs.
  • You should fix all the privacy loopholes if you are accessing the Dark Web or Hidden Wiki Links on your workstation having Windows 10.
  • You need to use a VPN secured computer/ laptop. You can choose from the most reputed brand and the most trusted one. You need to have the id and password to access the VPN. Establish your VPN connection first.
  • The best and the only way to access these Dark Web Directories is by a special browser made for this purpose only named as TOR browser. All the .onion links can be accessed via this TOR browser only. All you need to do is download the TOR browser bundle and then install it in the PC or laptop you want to access these Dark net sites links or .onion hidden links.
  • This is not just it. You need to perform a few more security steps so that you can stay protected while surfing those .onion hidden links. The first and the foremost security steps that you need to perform are disabling the JavaScript. The second step is to click on the ‘TOR Enable’ icon and change the security level to safest level from standard level under the security setting.

After completing all the above mentioned steps, you are all set to explore the Deep/Darkweb World. There are some warnings and few things that you need to note before about Dark Web Websites you start exploring the links of the Hidden Wiki pages.

Warnings: The warning section is valid for both the new comers and the existing users who have been using the Dark Web Websites for a pretty long time. The Dark Web Links that we are enlisting here are just for the information purpose and we do not encourage users to explore these types of .onion sites links. We are not to be held responsible for any types of malicious or suspicious activity that are users get trapped in.

Note: The users should not use the TOR browser without the VPN connection. It is always recommended to connect the VPN and then run the TOR browser. The combo of Tor browser and VPN provides you sufficient security for identity theft or loss of other information on the Darkweb. It is always recommended that you must not disclose any sort of personal information or official information while browsing the Dark Net Links in the Dark/Deep Web. In case of any sort of registration, it is recommended that you use any anonymous email service or fake identity. For verified logins, you need to enable PGP2FA if the Darknet markets support it.


We regularly update the list of the Deep Web Sites Link to omit the unnecessary or not working .onion links that are present in the TOR .onion URLs Directories to provide the active and the Best Dark Web Websites for our readers.

Beginners’ Guide

This section is particularly curated for the beginners who are absolutely new to the world of Darkweb. Here are some of the basic guidelines that you need to go through and abide by before you access the Dark Web Links Hidden Wiki.

Warnings: We would like to disclose some facts regarding the Dark Web. The DarkWeb Links might have some unpleasant content or mind disturbing content that includes child abuse, pornography, child porn, Weapons, Drugs and even worse elements. We take no responsibility of the users entering into such Dark Web Websites and the users are solely responsible for their actions. The links shared here are just for the research and knowledge purpose only.

Note: It should be noted by the users that it is highly recommended that you should use a premium VPN service with an active login ID and password and then install the TOR browser to browse the websites. Tor browser too contains loopholes that might lead to identity theft and related activities. That is why a premium VPN would be the perfect thing before browsing the onion hidden links. A double layered security is always the best thing if you are about to surf those risky Hidden Wiki websites on the TOR browser.

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.

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