Darknet Drug Dealer Arrested For Possession of Deadly Weapons


A new cannabis dealer who had imported drugs from the dark web has been arrested and sentenced imprisonment after the court came to know that he possessed two potentially deadly weapons

The accused has been identified as Alexander Rouen aged 21 years, a resident of Alverton Road in Penzance, and was caught with several types of cannabis and a couple of paraphernalia costing astound thousands of pounds.

The accused had appeared at the Truro Crown Court for his sentencing after he was admitted following the supply of Class B drug, possession of two deadly weapons (a knife and offensive weapons). The prosecutor Felicity Payne, while prosecuting the case had told the court regarding how in last year November, the accused had overheard a conversation between the staffs at Penzance YMCA on the suspicions that he was dealing in drugs from his flat. After that, the accused went back to his room, started screaming and shouting. He had also started to bang his head against a wall and threatened the staffs.

The police were called immediately, and the accused became agitated when the officers were made aware of various other people coming and going to the flat. The officers carried out rigorous searches where they discovered cannabis and deadly weapons. The hunter knife that was found, the accused later said that he had legally bought from a Penzance store in a backpack. Along with this, the cops have found out a Taser from his room and boxers stuffed with £335.

As revealed, the cannabis weighed 130 grams bearing a street value of £1,180. Later, the accused clearly mentioned that he had imported the cannabis from North America after procuring it from the dark web.

Image: WBUR

Steve Butterworth, from The Probation Service, stated that the accused had lacked maturity and he was not aware of the repercussions that he would have to possess the deadly weapons, a knife, and a Taser.

The cops came to know that he had a much tough childhood as he became homeless at the age of 14, and he was stabbed on the streets.

Judge Simon Carr remarked while sentencing the accused that all the evidence displayed that Rouen was in the street dealing actively. As he was possessing the weapons, a custodial sentence is the only thing appropriate. However, Rouen was jailed for a year (12 months).

Source: CornwallLive

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