Covid19 / Corona Virus Pandemic Causes Huge Hindrance To Darknet Markets and Postal Services


Covid19 has already created a much horrific condition in all parts of the world. Not only did the outbreak caused deaths in large numbers, but it has highly deteriorated the economy of the world. Similar to how the online shopping portals have shut down their businesses, darknet markets have insanely suffered loss and are continuing to do so. The postal services have revoked their services in the worry that coronavirus can spread through the parcels and that people going out of their residences are not at all safe. There are even instances where businesses have gone down to certain limitations that they have completely withdrawn themselves from the market.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Postal Services

Coronavirus has highly affected the postal services and that all their services have been ceased for the time being. Here is some information on the matter shared by the postal departments.

United States Postal Services (USPIS): The most priority mail express has announced that all their international services to certain countries will remain temporarily suspended for Covid19. This is due to the fact that airline travel has conducted restrictions and cancellations. The countries that would not be serviceable are China, France, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. The suspensions will remain in effect until any further notice.

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Some of the domestic postal services have been also suspended from operating such as the Owls Head Post Office of 16, Ragged Lake Road, 12969, New York and Orange Park Mall Post Office, 1910 Wells Road Suite J01, 32073 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Australia Post: With the prominent measures that have been taken across the countries all over the world due to the coronavirus pandemic or covid19, Australia post has privatized the situation and has called off all the services related to the postal facilities there are news or information of things to be started as usual. They even have set out time limits for certain works such as 2:00 p.m. for Australia post red van collection, 3:00 p.m. for retail outlets and 4:00 p.m. for the latest collection time of their Street post boxes. Some of the posters and drivers will continue to provide contactless doorstep collections to help people out in this coronavirus affected the situation.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Darknet Markets

Some of the most common darknet markets have underground certain hindrances due to the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020. Most of the darknet markets have announced the temporary withdrawal of their services especially for the parcel dispatches in fright of increasing coronavirus affected individuals in the areas where the parcel has been delivered.

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Dutchkingz: A week ago Dutchkingz announced or rather posted an update on their Dread account that they are having some trouble in shipping out the orders that have been placed between the 28th of March and the first of April 2020. They have assured me that they will try everything I do to get the orders out as soon as possible. On doing so they will post a notification on Telegram and on the Dread sooner the orders are shipped. They have also informed that all the orders placed on and before the 28 of March 2020 have been shipped out.

DCdutchconnectionUK (DCUKConnection): All parts of the world including the UK a is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic or coronavirus pandemic. While all the businesses, darknet markets have decided to temporarily shut down their businesses, DcdutchconnectionUK has taken to their dread account and posted an update regarding their condition currently. The market said that in the current moment the Royal Mail seems to be running fine but experiencing few delays that are causing hindrance to their dispatches and other services. The darknet market is skeptical about if they would ever stay online and ship products in the coming weeks. Operations are assured if the lockdown and the postal service carries on running. A week back there shipping was normal but as of now they might go on a vacation mode and in that case if anyone has needed an order will be refunded. Also, all their orders are being shipped with great care and within the national health organization standards. After this, no update has been provided.

Yellowbrick: Off lately one of the yellow brick staffs has taken to their dread account and announced that due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic some of the orders may get delayed than the usual shipping times. They have also mentioned the cause to be reductions in the workforce and staff members operating within the distribution centers. They have focused on the ordering that is from areas other than domestically food result in delays between 7 to 14 days in some cases. Also if anyone is facing issues with the items not arriving within this period can open a support ticket for assistance.

Ausmed: One of the most popular drug market, Ausmed, has put up a temporary closure notice on their website to temporarily close all checkout and that all orders placed before 31st March 2020 have been sent.

The sudden coronavirus pandemic has enormously caused damage to society and to the businesspersons all throughout the world. Things are still uncertain as the deaths are on the rise with each passing day and there is a continuous lockdown going on domestically and internationally. Post offices are shut down causing delays in delivery while airlines have completely refrained from carrying on their services due to safety measures. All the online services have stopped forcing the darknet markets to temporarily cease all their functionalities. The price of bitcoin has slashed as well causing meager revenue for the darknet markets. There are several news going around the pandemic. Check back daily to find out the true facts on COVID-19 and dark web markets.

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