Dark Web Drugs Sale: Camberley Man Got Suspended Jail


A Camberley dark web drug dealer, who sold controlled substances with his friends has been sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for two years. 21-year-old Toby Aylett used the dark web to order drugs, sold them and later helped his friends on how to buy drugs from the dark web.

Court documents showed that the Camberley man showed his friends how to ecstasy and LSD off the dark web. He pleaded guilty to five counts of being concerned in the supply of class A, B, and class C drugs, as well as the possession of cannabis. The 21-year-old was also ordered to undertake 80 hours of community service and two weeks on Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days.


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Aylett’s initial arrest came after he was suspected of being in possession of cannabis, after 1.6 grams of the class B drug was uncovered in his bedroom during a raid on his Cumberland Road, Camberley home on March 7, 2018. He, however, received no additional penalty for cannabis possession.

After the Camberley man was arrested, police officers seized his phone and after a forensic analysis of the device, the police uncovered a series of text messages which linked him to the supply of cannabis, LSD, Alprazolam, ecstasy, and diazepam. According to court documents, many of the text messages found on his phone, were questions about synthetic pills, their prices and supply type. Aylett was later revealed to be some sort of ‘middle man,’ sourcing the controlled substances from the dark web, their prices and how they could supply the drugs.

During a police interrogation, the Camberley man confirmed acting as a middle man for some friends who wanted to buy some drugs on the dark web. He stated that he was just researching the prices of drugs on the dark web for his friends.  He added that, the cannabis, however, was for his personal use and that he wasn’t selling it to his friends.

During his sentencing at the Guildford Crown Court, it was revealed that Aylett had been battling addiction problems as he had been a cannabis addict since he was 13 years old. The court also heard that the Camberley man-made £20 a week for helping his friends buy illegal substances on the dark web even though he would not receive the drugs after they are shipped. Dominic Benthall, the prosecutor added that he would then use the money he made to fuel his cannabis addiction. Mr. Benthall added that Aylett confessed to being a part of the process which saw the purchase of drugs from the dark web and pleaded guilty to those charges at the first opportunity.

“Those are his only convictions,” Prosecutor Benthall stated, adding that, his confession has elements of an important role as he played an important role in a ring and was motivated by some financial gain. The court also heard that Aylett had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a condition found in the autistic spectrum.

Aylett’s defense attorney, Richard Martin argued that his client’s actions were typical of those with such mental backgrounds as he thought he could help his friends as well as see to his cannabis addiction. Mr. Martin stated that Aylett only needed that money from the drug sales to fund his cannabis habit and nothing else. He added that his client pleaded guilty and cooperated in any investigations and as such should be given some credit even if he was caught scorching the dark web for illegal controlled substances.


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Richard Martin told the court that, Aylett was only 19 when he committed those offenses. He stated that his clients come from a loving and supportive family but drugs can find their way into people’s lives and make them do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Mr. Martin added that Aylett told him that he had lost all his class A drug use and is now limited to just the cannabis habit. “My client tells me he wants to stop using cannabis once and for all,” Mr. Martin said.  Sarah Whitehouse QC at the sentencing revealed that the 21-year-old had no previous convictions, but “found his level of participation in the supply chain to surpass the custody threshold”.

Aylett become the latest Camberley native to be charged with illegal drug possession, linked to the dark web. In the latter stages of last year, three men were arrested and charged after buying drugs and an illegal firearm on the dark web.

The three men were arrested after a traffic stop by the Camberley police. 22-year-old Maximillian Jones was charged with possession with intent to supply class B drugs, and conspiracy to supply class B drugs while another compatriot, 25-year-old Ciaran Allen was also charged with intent to supply class B drugs. The third culprit, 19-year-old Jack Edwards originally from Hampden Road, Slough was charged with possession with intent to supply class B drugs as well as possession of a firearm.

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