Bloodystealer: The New Advanced Stealer That Attacks Gaming Platforms


BloodyStealer is an excellent example of a cyber-threat for video game fans, as it is developed with elements that make it difficult to analyse and identify, and it is offered for a very modest membership fee. Information about BloodyStealer, as well as an overview of gaming items stolen and sold on the darknet, can be found in Kaspersky’s newest research dedicated to gaming-related threats.

Virtual goods and online gamer identities are in great demand on the darknet, according to Kaspersky’s newest investigation. When sold in bulk, the username and password combinations used on prominent gaming platforms like Steam, Origin, Ubisoft, and EpicGames may get $ 14.2 per thousand accounts, or 1-30 percent of an account’s worth when sold individually. The credentials were obtained not as a consequence of unintentional data exposures, but as a result of orchestrated cybercrime activities including malware like BloodyStealer.

BloodyStealer is a stealer trojan that can gather and exfiltrate a wide range of information. It can get information from browsers including cookies, passwords, forms, and credit card details, as well as screenshots, log-in data, and sessions from other applications. Those connected to game platforms, in particular EpicGames, Origin, and Steam, are among them.

This malware was originally discovered by Kaspersky researchers in March. It was marketed as being undetectable and resistant to reverse engineering and general anti-malware analysis. BloodyStealer is available for purchase on darknet forums for less than $ 10 for a monthly membership or $ 40 for a one-time purchase.

This malware is further differentiated by the use of anti-analysis tactics such as packers and anti-debugging techniques to make analysis and reverse engineering more difficult. Users may protect their sample with the packer of their choice or use it as part of a multi-stage infection chain. It is offered on illicit forums, and users can protect their sample with the packer of their choice or use it as part of a multi-stage infection chain. BloodyStealer has been used in assaults in Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific area, according to Kaspersky researchers.

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Although BloodyStealer was not designed specifically to steal information from online games, the platforms on which it is most prevalent show that hackers are particularly interested in this sort of information. All of these video game-related things, such as login passwords, accounts, and in-game goodies, are offered in bulk or individually on the darknet at low rates. 

“Despite the numerous alternatives accessible to cybercriminals for purchasing or renting stealers to employ in their assaults, BloodyStealer has piqued the interest of many users on a darknet forum. This thief has some intriguing capabilities, including the ability to collect browser passwords, cookies, and environmental data. This malware’s creators have included a capability that allows it to steal data from online video gaming platforms. This information may subsequently be sold on darknets or Telegram channels devoted to the purchase and sale of gaming service account login data “Dmitry Galov, a security researcher at Global Research and Analysis, remarked on the situation.

Team Kaspersky. “Cybercriminals frequently target gaming accounts, so use two-factor authentication and a trustworthy security solution to keep your devices safe. to play with peace of mind without worrying about your account or game credit being stolen.

Kaspersky has been dedicated to safeguarding gamers and promoting the safe growth of the gaming industry for numerous years. To engage consumers and increase awareness of the importance of cyber security and its role in esports, the business developed the “Fearless gaming” campaign. See the video below for additional information.

Visit Securelist to discover more about BloodyStealer and the gaming-related software offered on darknets.

Experts at Kaspersky propose the following steps to defend gaming platforms from targeted attacks:

• Whenever feasible, use two-factor authentication to protect your accounts. Check your account’s privacy settings if this isn’t the case.

• Do not click on links from the game chat that go to external sites, and double-check the address of any resource that asks for a login and password, since it might be a scam site.

• Even if you are routed to a safe domain, avoid downloading pirated software and other illicit information.

• To protect yourself from all possible cyber dangers, choose a solid security solution that does not slow down your computer during gaming sessions. Kaspersky Total Security, for example, integrates smoothly with Steam and other game platforms.   • Protect yourself from dangerous malware on mobile devices with a solid security solution, such as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.



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