Austrian Post To Adopt High Digital Technology Protocols For Stamps


The Austrian Post, Oesterreichische Post AG, is now all set to adopt rigid digital technology protocols for postage stamps, its non-fungible tokens. 

The Austrian Post, in a recent announcement, has mentioned its plans for the NFC chips to the Crypto Stamps 3.0. It is the third iteration of its limited-edition NFT postage stamps’ collectable series. 

These embedded NFC chips will permit the stamp owners for verifying their authenticity of the physical stamps that are based on the metadata linked to the digital twin that is stored on the blockchain.

The Austrian Post has indeed made history back in the year 2019. Back then, it became the first-ever government-backed institution that launched an NFT. The Austrian Post cryptocurrency stamp has also won several awards at the NFT Awards 2020. This included the “People’s Choice Award” and “Adoption Potential Award”.

The post office mentioned detailing the NFT-NFC interaction for Crypto Stamp 3.0:

“For the first time, NFC technology is also being used on an Austrian postage stamp: The Crypto stamp 3.0 is based on an NFC-supported authenticity check and is cryptographically encrypted […] By reading out the NFC chip, both the authenticity and the digital twin can be revealed.”

As per the Austrian Post, the utilization of the NFC technology eradicates the need for creating an additional scanning app for verifying the ownership of the NFT postage stamp.

Head of the product management and e-business branches at Austrian Post states that the NFC technology adoption is a significant step in the addition of more intuitive features to future NFT postage stamp iterations.

The crypto stamp 3.0 will have the principal market value of 9.90 euros ($12), bearing a circulation of 100,000 stamps. The registration for the pre-ordered stamps will begin from June onwards. 

The postal departments of the other jurisdiction have also gotten into the act with the debut of the NFT postage tokens. In March this year, the crypto startup Coinsilium had partnered with the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau to the issuance of NFT postage stamps. Additionally, the United States Postal Service (USPS) certified CaseMail’s postage NFTs had backed in April.

Source: Cointelegraph

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