U.S. Authorities Reveal Identity of An Anonymous Crypto Hacker


The U.S. Department of Justice, or commonly known as DoJ, has indicted Andrey Turchin, known by the pseudonym “fxmsp,” associated with various federal crimes. The alleged, Turchin has founded a cybercrime group that targeted the computer networks of diverse companies. Turchin’s group had allegedly sold the data stolen from each of the companies on the dark web.

Alleged Turchin is a Kazakhstan national and aged 37 years, is most popularly identified as “the invisible god of networks” on the dark web. As the news flows, he has sold access to thousands of the networks breached with the help of his malware attacks. This incident has amassed a million-dollar crypto fortune over the due course of three years.

As of the current scenario, the Western District of Washington is conducting criminal indictment procedures against alleged Turchin. It has also been revealed that he attacked companies in over 40 countries.

Yet No Arrests!

The British and the Kazakhstan authorities have also assisted the United States to open up the indictment against the person behind the pseudonym “fxmsp”. Brian T. Moran, an U.S. Attorney, has said in this regard that the cybercrime is unaware of any borders and thus, stopping these crimes needs stronger cooperation between an array of the international partners. He has commended Kazakhstan for his assistance in the complete investigation. He further states that he is hopeful that these critical international partnerships between the investigators of cybercrime will result in holding Andrey Turchin accountable in the court of law.

Image: Bleeping Computer

However, the announcement made by DOJ did not precisely specify that the Kazakhstan cops have already arrested Turchin. An unknown number of alleged co-conspirators of the accused were identified by the FBI as well. But the indictment does not at all reveal their identities.

Cybercriminal Structure of Fxmsp

The U.S. law enforcement has detailed that the cybercriminal operations has allegedly been led by the identity behind “fxmsp” and the ways they managed to process the transactions.

In this regard, the law enforcement of U.S. states that the prices typically ranged from a few thousand dollars to more than a hundred thousand dollars in some cases, based on the victim and the degree of the system access and controls. Many of the transactions had occurred via the usage of an escrow and a broker that allowed the interested buyers to sample the network access for a limited period in order to test the quality and the reliability of the illegal access.

Image: Group IB

The total USD value of the BTC or Bitcoin has been transferred on the dark web hiked by 65% in the first quarter of 2020; despite a substantial decline in the transactions during the same period back in 2019.

Source: CoinTelegraph

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