Alternative Communication Methods

Usually it is not the absolute necessity for the buyers to use the following alternative communication methods (deep web reverse email search) as the internal market message system should suffice. Although it can become necessary to use them if suppose the market used by a vendor goes down and you want to stay in touch with him. Thus, this chapter will entirely focus on using alternative communication methods without compromising your OpSec anyway.


Note: Email providers, especially those that are run by the anonymous people doing deep web reverse email search, which most of the onion email providers are, can suddenly go offline. This has happened a lot in the past and will continue to happen in the future as well. So you have to make sure that you always backup the emails you think are important. You should also keep away from tying your important accounts with these email addresses like 2FA for a valuable Bitcoin trading account.

In the bid to use email securely to communicate, you have to pay attention to the below mentioned deep web reverse email search points: 

  • Choose an email provider from the DNMSuperlist or a similar one that permits the Tor users to access and keeps itself away from the government requests.
  • The email provider has to be fully usable without having JavaScript enabled.
  • Make it a point to always use PGP to encrypt the emails you send and make sure that your communication partner does exactly the same.
  • You should never give away any information in the subject field of deep web reverse email search. Although the message contents are encrypted with PGP, yet there is a possibility of you giving away information with the unencrypted subject field. Take for example, do not use “about the $5k drug deal that we have made” as a subject but rather something such as “Subject”.
  • You must research the name of the email provider (deep web reverse email search) prior to accessing them on /r/DarknetMarkets using the search functionality and check if there are any notes of warnings on the DNMSuperlist entry, if it is listed on the Superlist.
  • Also, do not forget to checkout /r/emailprivacy as well. You would find a lot of helpful tips, guides and links there.

Jabber / XMPP

Another great tool to chat safely and securely with people across dark web, like vendors etc, is Jabber/XMPP. It helps in the near-real-time chats between two network entities or more. It is something like a Skype or a Facebook chat between two or more number of users. It requires proper installation and configuration before you can get all started. We have already discussed it in detail in some other chapter. Check that out after you have read this one.