Ways To Acquire Quality Weed (Cannabis) in Quarantine


There has never been a more opportune time to get involved in weed (Cannabis) and this is so because the current federal prohibition in the United States is keeping major corporate players from dominating the industry. This gap in the law is creating opportunities for small firms (start-ups) to thrive in the states where weed has been legalized.

The market is full of artisanal products and there is a wealth of business that it supports, run by queers, people of color and women. But the cannabis business has traditionally faced many hurdles due to problems with the illicit market, high taxes charged by governments and lack of funding from the financial institution (banks) and much more. The struggles have only intensified and do not seem to go away anytime soon. 

One of the benefits of self-isolation is that everyone is consuming more of the stuff and getting stoned (enjoying the trip). Medical stores (dispensaries) have been considered “essential businesses” in nearly 33 states where cannabis is legal and weed lovers are stocking cannabis in record-breaking numbers from the cannabis markets or online drug markets. It is easy to look through why smoking weed has become America’s favorite pastime because it can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

When you are holed up in a corner and hunkered down, uncertainty around, any support from an unknown source can be your best friend. Consuming a weed (pot) can be a challenging task and it may feel that you will get nightmares, in the same fashion you felt when you tried to smoke the stuff, the last time. But Relax!  As long as you stay calm and know your dosage and limits there is nothing to worry about.

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You will be fine but you also have to consider the fact that smoking weed is not good for your lungs especially in the light of coronavirus scare which directly attacks your respiratory system. And keep in mind that there are other ways of “smoking up” besides with the help of joints and vapes. The market is full of smoke-free breakthroughs, like low-dose edibles and tasty weed-infused drinks that can act as a perfect replacement for your glass of hard drinks. You must also conduct your own independent research and know the risk of your personal legal status with regard to your age and location. With the exact provision in place, if you still wondering if you want to get into smoking weed, here is a guide to doing so while you are self-isolating – how to stock cannabis safely, the best quality weed to smoke alone and the new rules for stoners.

How To Stock Up Weed Safely

The last thing you want is to be bankrupt while the world is falling apart. And if you live in a recreational state, ordering dugs online has never been so easy and now with dispensaries doing curbside pickups and contactless delivery, cannabis will arrive much faster than Amazon materials. Thanks to the coronavirus scare, sales have plummeted and shops have started providing 4/20 discounts which has made sweet deals more affordable and easy to find.

Eaze is probably the best place to start if you hail from California or Portland; the online shop calls itself the “Uber of Pot” and has in its store a variety of brands like Caliva, Bloom, and Sherbinskis. There are other California-based apps like “Harvest” and “Emjay” which have a great range of products in their warehouse. If you are lucky enough to stay near a dispensary, you can pick up goods while maintaining a good arm’s length distance. 

And if you stay in New York which is a medical cannabis state you can consult an online doctor about getting a medical card through Nugg and then use it to get hold of medical-grade cannabis at your doorstep. Other services like PrestoDoctor can connect you with online doctors but to consult them you must have a pre-existing condition like chronic pain or PTSD to qualify. You might also go through WeedMaps, which enlists all the dispensaries and delivery services across the United States as well as information about strains and tips about how to overcome it. 

But if you are stuck somewhere in the middle, it is time you get in touch with your stoner friend and ask where you can find quality cannabis or you can also use Instagram (social networking platform) where deals are struck over DM. Make sure you do not fall prey to scams and it is wise if you take a look and understand your area’s cannabis laws and what is at stake. But if that leads to nowhere, then there is the Dark Web.  

What To Expect

If you live in an area where weed is legal and you choose to go to the medical shop, be prepared to wait as the stores are limiting the number of people that can enter at a time. Some stores have installed no-contact “infrared thermometers” to scan each visitor before they can enter the drug store.

Curbside pickups is the best way to avoid the hassle, all you have to do is to order the package online or over cell phone. You will receive an intimation when it’s ready for pick-up and then you have to drive to the destination, wait there in the designated parking spot and receive the package from the person who will verify your ID and process your request. After the process is complete you will be given your goods. Easy, right?

If you are buying cannabis in a non-recreational state, it is a good idea that you follow some precautionary steps, like downloading encrypted apps like Signal or Telegram. These applications, let you chat with your delivery partner securely. If you are new to the app ask your friend about the texting protocol and the kind of language to use. After you have sent in your request it is likely that you will receive a menu with a list of prices and specials. If you are planning to buy in liquid cash make sure that you buy in bulk amounts. 

At How Much Price Cannabis Is Sold?

The standard amount is 3.5 grams which will cost you anything between $35 to $60. There are quarters, halves and full ounces available.  Depending upon the amount and the quality of the leaves, prices will vary. If you are planning to buy in large quantities you must know that flowers don’t get better with age. This is because the THC level decreases over time. THC level also decreases if the buds are exposed to sunlight or heat.

But do not worry, there are a few ways by which you can keep your flowers (buds) fresh. You can store your buds in a cool, dark place and make sure to store in an airtight container which will slow down the breakdown process. Whatever you are planning to do, do not put it inside the freezer – this will make it dry and cause trichomes and dry it up completely. 

In case of edibles you can store them inside your refrigerators, but if they are perishable items like brownies and cookies, you don’t want to keep them on the shelf for too long. A good rule of thumb is that you consume them within a week and keep them away from heat and light whatsoever.

What To Look Out For

The leaves should also feel sticky and soft and dry so that it crashes into your hands. If it is wet, then it is a sign that it has not been cured properly. If you are looking for IRL, it is suggested that you tear some part of it and follow your nose – cannabis contains over a hundred terpenes which is basically the essential oils of the plant. Each strain of cannabis contains different proportions of THC and CBD – cannabinoids that give weed its physical and psychic. CBD is non-psychoactive and is ideal when you want to relax with a clear head. Research has shown that high CBD/high THC are most effective when it comes to reducing strains, stress while high CBD/low THC is best for curing depression symptoms. 

You might have heard that every strain has its own characteristics while Sativa strains are uplifting and energizing, Indica strains are soothing while hybrids fall somewhere in between. Broadly speaking, sativas tend to contain more THC and are known for more cerebral highs but can sometimes have side-effects like paranoia and anxiety.  If you are in a mood to ease out and chill, it is best to opt for indica or hybrid.

How To Not Get Too High On Weeding

One of the common mistakes amateurs make is that they tend to smoke too much weed all at their first attempt, having a meltdown and vowing never to touch the stuff again. The best way to enjoy the process is that you remain aware of the dose and take it one step at a time. If you’re smoking bud, most of the brands mention the percentage of THC in the strain you’re smoking in their labels. If the percentage of THC is below eight, you won’t get enough kick.

If the percentage falls in the bracket of 8 to 16, it will have a nice effect. If the desired THC level is between the 16-25 range, it will definitely get you baked and anything above 25 percent will blow up your mind.  Sometimes the labels display the amount of CBD to THC in ratios (eg. 1:1 means equal amount of CBD and THC.)

If you are consuming edibles, getting the right dose is even more crucial because THC breaks down into 11-Hydroxy-THC after it passes through the stomach and liver, which will lead to more intense psychedelic trips. You should remember that edibles take around 30-60 minutes to set off the hallucination process in motion and generally lasts up to six to eight hours. 

The Stoners Etiquettes

This is the most important part of the guide. This part contains the ethos of weed in the post pandemic era.  The cannabis culture has always relied on quasi-hippie values-for example, helping your friend who does not have the stuff and passing it on when they need it. This should be inherent that these rules are only applicable for those with whom you are isolated with. 

  • Don’t Pass Cannabis: It was meant to be shared (weed) in a pre-COVID scenario. Gathering around, talking about interesting things and smoking up was a cherished ritual for stoners, but these rules are not applicable no more. Nobody wants to share the joint after it has been puffed, so go ahead and bogart it.  
  • Don’t Share Your Smoking Devices:Sharing is caring” no longer applies in a post-COVID world so make sure that you do not share your pipes and other smoking devices. Now it might be the right time to clear your ash trays that have been sitting there for years and Wipes containing 91 percent alcohol are the right choice for you.
  • Cyber Smoke Sesh With Friends: As the world is getting more isolated and closed, you don’t have to smoke alone. Cyber smoke sessions are way forward and are becoming popular as the pandemic spreads its tentacles around the world. There are live sessions where you can find out your new partners in crime and have the same feeling. 
  • Help Those in Need: Be generous with your pile of stuff and pass it on to your mates especially to those who have lost their jobs or have trouble finding quality leaves due to the lack of finance. Trade or barter are a great way by which you can show your kindness you feel for your friends or pals. 
  • Keep Your Weed Person At Your Side: Pre-COVID, tipping was considered as a medium to get faster delivery of your stash and get knowledgeable information but now it has become a rule of thumb to at least tip 15% of the amount you have procured. After all they are risking their lives. Lots of services have started contactless delivery so that both you and the delivery worker remain protected. World of weed is going through unprecedented changes just like every other industry and it is up to us to keep evolving and keep the “stoner culture” alive. 

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