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Dream Market is one of the most primitive and the most victorious online markets of the Dark Web. There are quite a lot of darknet markets available. But only a few have proved themselves to be the best. Alike the various other deep web markets, Dream Market also works on the TOR browser. TOR is a specialized browser that lets the users of the Dark Web access all the encrypted sites. The Dream Market Review is awesome as it consists of a number of categories to access and a huge amount of quality listings.

The Dream Market is based on a traditional escrow system that helps the user’s data and funds to store safely while any disputes can be settled simultaneously. This is why Dream Market Review is the best when compared with other DNMs. All the balance funds that are stored on the marketplace website are easily accessible anytime by the market.

The Dream Market does not levy both the crucial steps to keep exit scams at bay such as the out-of-band payments and multi-signature escrow. It is believed that it is necessary to have control over the funds on any marketplace on the Darknet including the Dream Market. The Dream Market has earned trust and fame since its inauguration.

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The Procedure to Access Dream Market

The most important thing needed to access the Dream Market is a specialized browser, TOR. The TOR browser is not the only browser used to access the Dream Market. There are a couple more of them. But a person who accesses the Deep Web prefers the TOR browser over any other browsers due to the concealing property of the TOR browser. You should always beware of the phishing scams.

Though the TOR browser protects your identity is all possible ways, but still, there are some additional steps that can seal the overall issues with the security like purchasing and using a good VPN that will conceal the ISP.

The use of the amnesic operating system like the TAILS also provides you with higher protection by disposing of the leftover information as soon as possible. Including PGP is another thing you must-do if you are not willing to share your home address or any other personal information to the seller.

  • Account Creation

The account creation in the Dream Market is a very easy process. You need to enter captcha if you are creating a new account. This is an essential step as it keeps the Dream Market protected from the DoS attacks. To enter the Dream market creating an account, you need to provide a username and a password. You must enter any random username and password. But you need to enter a strong password. The Dream Market also provides you with a random username which you can use as they are unique.

For an additional layer of security, you must use a pin that will be required for the withdrawals. Once you put in the captcha, you are ready to sign up and enter the Dream Market. In case you face certain problems with the page load, you can go for one of the alternate onion mirrors provided in the left. Once you have successfully registered yourself, you need to log in to your account with your unique log in credentials. On your first login, you will be asked if you are a vendor. Any account created is taken as buyer profile by default. If you want to convert it to a vendor profile, you can do so by spending 0.25 Bitcoin which is refundable on re-convert to the seller profile.

  • Layout and Functions

The Dream Market’s website and the account are pretty classic in layout and feature and is a simple and intuitive market. The user dashboard is very simple with the location of specific and useful tools. The login method uses 2-FA with password and PGP. The individual accounts are also furnished with profile status such as active / on vacation / retired. The users are also allowed to upload an avatar and set their preferred currency.

Sending and receiving texts are allowed on the Dream Market which is automatically encrypted. You are also allowed to make conference chats with a number of users.

If you have a vendor profile, you will be able to access a number of more information and you can report a profile, add to favourites and send messages to the user. For the users, they can check a specific vendor’s profile’s ratings and guidelines before progressing with a particular vendor. The users can check their shopping cart by clicking on the cart sign on the upper right corner of their profile.

  • Listings / Categories

There are not quite a few but a humongous amount of listings present in the Dream Market. This is because Dream Market has existed for quite some time now.

The categories along with the number of goods are as follows:


  • Digital Goods – 29926
  • Drugs – 42336
  • Drugs Paraphernalia – 622
  • Services – 2172
  • Others

Under Others:

  • Counterfeits – 744
  • Electronics – 140
  • Jewellery – 414
  • Lab Supplies – 36
  • Miscellaneous – 176
  • Defence – 165
  • The most common category found in the Dream Market with over 40 thousand listings is “Drugs”. You will be able to find products such as Cannabis, Psychedelics, Opioids, Stimulants and others.
  • Users are able to purchase grinders, needles, pipes and more such items under “Drugs Paraphernalia”. These are not that much popular as the drugs category since most of them are legal in various countries.
  • Various digital goods are widely sold in this Dream Market such as the E-Books, Hacking, Data, Fraud Related, Software and much more. Most of the digital goods that you find are the either hacked accounts, guides or softwares.
  • The services include money, hacking jobs, Fake ID and Password and various other things.
  • You would be able to find electronics, counterfeits, jewellery, lab supplies, self-defence and other miscellaneous items.

The Dream Market restricts child and animal pornography, human and organ trafficking, snuff videos and murder services. Firearms cannot be spotted on the market though weapons are allowed.

  • Search Features and Filters

The Search function is exclusively for those who have a clear mind and idea of what to search. It will save a lot of time. The best way to search for a specific item is heading to the category you want to purchase from and then type your query E.g. “Stimulants”.

The filter tool on the other hand is most effective if you are searching for a specific item from an extensive list of items in the Dream Market. The filter lets you filter out results by shipment origin, allowed destinations, price range, and escrow and to sort by price. You can also set favourites on your vendor profile and search through the favourites.

  • Choosing the Right Vendor

Choosing the right vendor is the most important step in purchasing a product from the darknet, apart from choosing the best escrow. Failing to choose the best vendor would lead you to scam. The Dream Market allows you to check for the number of successful sales and average feedback score on these against each vendor. You are also provided with the liberty to check the seller ratings on the different markets as well like Agora, Python, Hansa, Nucleus, Middle Earth and Abraxas. The market also lets you know whether or they trust the vendor. The trust badge to the seller is only given if they are trustworthy. Also, look out for the inactive vendors or the newbie. Make sure that you check the user’s instructions on his profile for a smooth transaction.

  • Adding Funds

The Dream Market uses the traditional balance and escrow system that is centralized. This implies that the added funds will mean that you are entrusting your coins to a third party. To send coins, all you need to do is head to “Account” and send your Bitcoins to the provided address. You should never send your Bitcoin directly from an exchange. Instead, you should always use a Bitcoin mixer. It is also advised to acquire coins from the p2p exchanges. To avoid phishing, Dream Market allows you to have a PGP signed proof of address ownership.

  • Indulging in Purchase

Purchasing products on Deep Web is very straight forward. We have already covered all the necessary topics and now the remaining thing is to purchase products from the Dream Market. All you have to do is click on the item you want to buy. Soon, you will be taken to the product page where everything is mentioned in details. In this detailed page, you can spot the summary of the vendor’s profile but it is recommended that you head to the vendor’s profile and check out the complete details and terms of the user. Do take out some time to read each and everything very carefully before you indulge in the purchase. You should choose the correct quantity and shipping option and finally click on the “Add to Cart” option.

You will be pushed to the “Order Item” page. You need to scroll down the page to find out the section where you have to enter the address and click on the “order now” button. Always make sure that you have manually encrypted the messages by hitting on the “encrypt message” button. The shopping cart on the upper right corner of the screen also displays the order status. You should finalize the order after receiving and inspecting the item(s) (if there is no FE or Finalize Early option). While you are in the process of finalizing the products, you will be asked to comment on the product and rate. You should be very transparent while providing ratings and comments as this will be the base in trusting or not trusting a seller.

Source: open source

  • Forum

The Dream Market also has an active forum where you can take part in various discussions and stay updated with the latest news and happenings. You can also seek help from the experienced in this forum. You need to register to the forum separately to be a part of it. Do not reveal any sensitive information about you or about the seller.

  • Support and Help

If you face any sort of issue, you can contact the support team immediately. But before you do so, you must visit the Help page. You can use ctrl + F to search the website. In here you will be able to find the buyer and seller guidelines which will provide you with the maximum answers. If you do not find relevant answers, you can send a message to the admin. You can locate both the pages at the bottom of the Dream Market website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dream Market

Here are the pros and cons of accessing the Dream Market.


  1. Simple and Instinctive
  2. Relatively long-lasting reputation
  3. Uber support system
  4. Varied sellers and offers


  1. Elementary design
  2. Market handled balances
  3. Devoid of multisig escrow

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