A Palatial Guide to Accessing 2019’s SamSara Market

In this article, we will be covering the procedures by which you will be able to access the SamSara Market effortlessly.

The procedure that has been included in the article will aid you in safeguarding your anonymity rigidly and will take care of all the vulnerable information prone to get leaked some way or the other.

Before we get any further, a small disclaimer is needed. This particular SamSara Market guide is only meant for the non-technical purposes to aid the non-technical people who need it the most. So, if you are one of them who is not much accustomed to technology, this guide would prove beneficial in all possible ways. All you need to do is follow all the below mentioned steps as described without skipping any of them.

So, here we go!

  • Step 1: How Can You Access SamSara Market?
  • Step 2: > Utility of a VPN
  • Step 3: > TOR Browser
  • Step 4: > Onion URL of SamSara Market
  • Step 5: > Alternative Links For SamSara Market
  • Step 6: How To Register On SamSara Market
  • Step 7: Encryption of PGP
  • Step 8: Cryptocurrencies
  • Step 9: Categories of SamSara Market
  • Step 10: Locating Products
  • Bonus Step 1: Top 20 Products Available on SamSara Market
  • Bonus Step 2: User & Vendor Profile Settings
  • Bonus Step 3: Affiliate Program of SamSara Market
  • Bonus Step 4: SamSara Market’s Forum

The SamSara Market is the new version of the Dream Market that has lately been shut down by the federals. We are now going to talk about the procedures in the upcoming segment. Therefore, you must keep an eye on each of the pointers that we are going to discuss now.

Step 1: Access the SamSara Market

This particular guide is for the SamSara Market meant to take you through the procedures of utilizing the SamSara Market. As already stated that the SamSara Market is the new version of the lately shut down Dream Market and it has come with two new noticeable changes of which one is the logo and the name while the other is the shopping cart icon.

In order to access the SamSara Market, you must be open to accepting all the bits of advice coming your way about the security precautions. It is adviced that you do not skip any part of it and that you must incorporate Operational Security (OpSec) in that as skipping steps may backfire.

Step 2: Install a VPN

Dark Web as the name states is that part of the internet which is not indexed and thus most of the criminal activities flourish there. Therefore, to access the dark web links, you need to protect your data and other vulnerable information. Now, if you are familiar with the Hidden Wiki Links, you would know that you will need a special browser for accessing SamSara Market called Tor. But for the fact, Tor does not ensure complete masking of your vulnerable data. Thus, VPN comes handy. VPN is a widely used tool by people all over the world to ensure that they are safe from the probing eyes of the third parties that include hackers, law enforcement personals and governments.

Choosing the right VPN is a task altogether. But for your convenience, here I am providing you with one of the best VPN services in the market. The company is PureVPN. Also, make sure that you have a working VPN running on your system prior to any operations done on the Dark Web.

Step 3: Download TOR Browser

The Tor browser as already mentioned is the ultimate tool to access the .onion links. Though there are few more options, yet Tor is the most used and recommended one. You can download the tor browser by visiting https://www.torproject.org/download/download. After you have successfully downloaded and installed the software, open it and you will be able to see one address bar at the top where you have to input the .onion sites links or you can also search for a specific market, you can use the DuckDuckGo search engine provided there. Run the VPN before opening Tor browser.

Step 4: Onion URL of SamSara Market

The primary link to the SamSara Market: http://samsaraccrn2jmin.onion (Active)

Step 5: Alternate Onion URL of SamSara Market

  • https://amonelidbdizstxk.onion
  • https://sbdvzjhqjoodrzds.onion
  • https://znsomnia3qpgwone.onion
  • https://aavjkhui4wfzla2v.onion
  • https://ibxcmwhujh65bonv.onion
  • https://dutfguflye57uphq.onion
  • https://f2hecvcfsbp6usqk.onion
  • https://paieqfjlf45iwjeq.onion
  • https://ryskugzainxtrnyh.onion
  • https://veiifaxfimaraj25.onion
  • https://zudtuaqrt57miwt4.onion
  • https://2skidbptsjf6gwul.onion

In any case, if you find that the market is down due to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, you may check that out here.

Step 6: Register on SamSara Market

After you have opened the website on Tor browser, click on the ‘Register’ icon / button that is located at the top right side of the website. Enter the required details such as pseudonym, username (most of the time suggested) and password. The password needs a retype. Following this, you have to insert a withdrawal PIN an also type a Captcha code. As everything goes well with this, you are registered to the SamSara Market. Click on the Go to Market option in order to explore the market. Also make sure to note down the PIN.

Step 7: Create the PGP Key

PGP or Pretty Good Privacy encryption method is used to set up the two factor authentication in the Darknet markets. While setting up a PGP key, you will receive a public and a private key. All the details are provided while going through the process.

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Step 8: Cryptocurrencies in Use in the SamSara Marketplace

As of now, the SamSara Market has incorporated three virtual currencies viz., Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Monero. While transacting, a new user will be able to see only one payment option which is Bitcoin due to the fact that Bitcoin is set as default payment option. The other supported Cryptocurrencies needs to be added manually.

Step 9: Browse the Categories

The categories are mentioned to the left of the website and are visible once logged in. You may also select the main category that in turn will reveal the sub categories. The SamSara Market also offers you with a wide variety of products to choose from.

Step 10: Exploring the Marketplace

Another most popular way of exploring the SamSara Market is by using the keywords that includes the product name or vendor name. This method saves a lot of time and trouble as one has to pass through hundreds of listings in various categories.

Bonus Step 1: Top 20 Goods That Are Sold on SamSara Market

We have listed the top twenty services or goods that are sold on SamSara Market.

  1. Cannabis (Drugs) – 13,851
  2. Information (Digital Goods) – 13,331
  3. E-Books (Digital Goods) – 12,922
  4. Ecstasy (Drugs) – 9,505
  5. Stimulants (Drugs) – 9,049
  6. Fraud Related (Digital Goods) – 5,637
  7. Opioids (Drugs) – 3,478
  8. Psychedelics (Drugs) – 3,142
  9. Fraud (Digital Goods) – 3,065
  10.  Benzos (Drugs) – 2,707
  11.  Erotica (Digital Goods) – 2,645
  12.  Counterfeits (Other) – 2,591
  13.  Prescription (Drugs) – 2,314
  14.  Steroids (Drugs) – 1,976
  15.  Dissociatives (Drugs) – 1,949
  16.  Hacking (Digital Goods) – 1,706
  17.  Data (Digital Goods) – 1,637
  18.  Jewelry (Other) – 1,551
  19.  Software (Digital Goods) – 1,184
  20.  Cash Out (Services) – 777

Bonus Step 2: Profile Settings of Your Account

Setting up your profile is the most important thing that you must consider spending some time on. In order to access the settings, click on the username located at the top right corner of the website. The first and foremost, change your login password and add a PGP key. Then choose a specific Cryptocurrency preference from the ones provided there. Choose an avatar image and state the terms and conditions of trade with the customers if you happen to be a vendor. Choose to encrypt messages and click on ‘update’.

Bonus Step 3: Affiliate Program of SamSara Market

Affiliate program is made available with the SamSara Marketplace by simple refer and earn method. Click on “Links” mentioned somewhere on the website and select “Earn Money” from the list. You will be provided with a referral link. You may share the links on various platforms. 25% commission can be enjoyed per referral on successful purchase of the joinee.

Bonus Step 4: The Forum on SamSara Market

The SamSara Market does possess a working forum. But in order to participate in the forum, you need to register to the forum separately.

That’s it! Now you are ready to explore the SamSara Market all by yourself.