A Boy of 18 Held in Sim Swapping Scam


What happens when an 18-year-old boy finds their passion in the eyes of the money and thinks he can win the world by crypto scam means? He earns $50 million worth Cryptocurrency by organizing a SIM Swapping scam on the darknet market. Samy Bensaci, the guy of age 18, is a Montreal based 18-year old was convicted with the charge of theft of Cryptocurrency worth $50 million in a well-organized SIM Swapping scam.

In a SIM Swapping scam, the person takes over your phone number and credentials by convincing the customer support staff that he’s the real owner of it or by finding and exploiting loopholes in the customer management system of your cellular network operator. Once the power is taken over the control, he can then swap it with the SIM card in his possession. Then, the fraudster can hijack your email account, bank account address, and other credentials and other accounts linked to your mobile number.

Robert Ross was previously a victim of the SIM swapping attack conducted by Bensaci. He thinks because of AT&T, the hacker was then able to take control of his Gmail by clicking “forgot password,” which sent a text to the hacker’s phone instead of his to reset the password. Ross has claimed that he had lost $1 million after the cybercriminal had purchased Bitcoin worth $1 million after getting access to his Gmail account. Amongst the targets of the SIM swapping scam, one of the most unusual names is Dan Tapscott, the head of the Blockchain Research Institute and his son.


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Feds had found that a majority of the victims had attained an annual Cryptocurrency and blockchain conference in New York dubbed Consensus. It is pretty feasible to see that the 18-year old hacker got hold of the data of the attendees, and he has aimed for them.

According to a local media report, Toronto Police cybercrime has confiscated several telephones, SIM cards, computers, and other bank account credentials from Bensaci’s home. Bensaci had been released in December 2019 after complying with the strict terms and paying off a hefty CA $200,000 bail. He had been forbidden from the access to any device with an internet connection, including mobile phone, computer, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. He has even been banned from indulging in any types of Cryptocurrency deals and has been under observation so he lives with his parents at his home. The fall of the young people who have been in the trauma or disturbing childhood can be said that is not impressive and disturbing to the core of the humankind. It is to be taken care of the reason why people go for hacking when they have several other ideas and passion for following. On a read blog, write a blog, swim, play, be a gamer, but no! The young boys and girls who have the ability to win the world are hacking here and their websites for some little money.


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Today you just need to open the news channels or the news app on your phone; that is all you need to do in order to know that how many young boys and girls are indulging in the business of hacking. That shows an abrupt fall in the justification of thoughts. It is a grave matter to see and understand the factors necessary to control such situations and reduce the rate of such incidents. According to the local news house report, Toronto Police cybercrime department have stopped using several telephones, SIM cards, computers, and other devices from his home.

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